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When you work from home as a network marketer, running around trying to rustle up sales leads is not what you want to be doing. Fortunately, you do not have to, especially if you take advantage of the internet as a marketing tool to draw hot prospects to you. Here are some other tips to make your business more profitable for you and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

- Focus on the product first, making money second. If you are genuinely excited about the product, it is much easier to attract buyers than if you are just in business for the money. - Be ready to share information about your business wherever you go, should it happen to come up.

Have at least a business card to hand out. But wait for an opportunity to present itself rather than forcing your sales talk on people who are not likely to have an interest. - Learn how to market effectively so your customers find you. Then you avoid trying to hunt people down so you can make your pitch. Internet marketing offers endless paths for people to find you online.

An example of an offline parallel is a listing in the phone book. - Devote time regularly to marketing your business. Whether you do this online or via other methods that suit you, make it a habit to work from home each day to promote what you are offering. - Believe that there are many people out there who will be interested enough to at least talk to you about your product.

Avoid self-defeating thoughts that are probably not even true. - Don't ask twice. When calling a telephone lead, talk to the person once and let him call you back if necessary. If you call more than once you give the impression that you need the person's business; instead you want people to feel that they are the ones who need something.

- Commit the necessary time to mentor those directly under you and help them learn to succeed. Diligence on your part will be appreciated and will also set the tone for your team's expansion. Whether you are talking to people in person or promoting your product online, one of your biggest challenges will be establishing your credibility. For network marketing on the internet, what you need to do is offer what people are looking for—information.

People online don't want to be marketed to, they want information that answers a question or solves a problem. If you can provide the specific answer they need, you've begun to win their trust. Once your have discovered how to solidify the relationship between you and your customers, you are well-positioned to make your business grow and flourish.

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