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Will Site Owners Need A Hour Day To Create Content And Back Links

The tremendous amout of time required to create fresh content for your web site has created a new kind of ad agency. Americans already work longer and harder than people in any other country and small business owners lead the line in this regard. Portable technology like wireless computers and PDAs just meant more work in evenings and on weekends. The digital revolution has allowed businesspeople to reach more customers and markets than ever but the price is the time and effort to porduce content and create back links. That price is time.

The web runs on content and exposure. To get higher in the search engines, every business must publish and create a steady stream of articles and video clips or risk becomeing old news on the web. Each article and video produced by your company can be published to hundreds of social networking sites and video sites as well as literally thousands of directories. When your article or video is accepted you receive referrals and visitors but also back links are created to your site. These back links from quality sites like youtube.

com and tell search engines that your site has popular content and moves it higher search results, creating traffic and sales. However, it takes time and it takes skill to write interesting articles and create videos that draw attention. Next, it takes time to write them and knowledge as to how to publish them. How are businesspeople who already had little time going to find the time for success? To fill this need, a new niche service has evolved.

the micro ad agency. These agencies write content rich meaty articles for their clients and publish them at appropriate sites world wide. They have teams of internet copyrighters standing by for their clients, and free clients from the demands of time and talent necessary to create articles and video clips in order to create traffic Because of their micro size, these and agencies are affordable and usually charge a small flat rate to research, create and publish material for clients. This allows small businesses to have as much fresh content as they need to sell on their sites and to publish.

This has created an outsource industry that even the smallest business can afford. Now, small businesses not only have an attorney and a "tax guy", they have a micro ad agency to write and publish articles for them while they sleep or enjoy life. If you have been letting your site get old or staying up late writing and publishing content, you may want to look into having this work done by professionals. To get the ranking you need with the search engines, micro ad agencies are the most efficient way to generate the back links you need.

How To Find The Time And Assistance Needed To Do The Job Of Search Engine Optimization For Your Company. By Carl Davidson of Sales and Management for

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