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Why People Fail In Affiliate Marketing

Almost everyone is buying online these days. You can shop for groceries, clothes, sports equipment, houses - everything you can imagine, all from the comfort of your own home. Accordingly, the practice of Affiliate Marketing has mushroomed in popularity, and now represents a widespread means of earning a full-time income via the internet. Affiliate marketing partnerships have three beneficiaries - the customer who receives the goods for which he was searching; the trader who has sold it to him; and the webmaster who introduced them to each other.

Affiliate marketing has become so popular though, that it has led to the demise of many marketers; only the best succeed. The weak fall to the wayside. That's business. So, let's analyze why so many people who try to enter into affiliate marketing programs fail; which will help us avoid the pitfalls ourselves.

The main reason affiliate marketing ventures fail is lack of preparation - by both the trader and the affiliate. A trader needs to carefully consider who to use as an affiliate, matching his needs closely with their own. Too many companies adopt the approach of simply going for numbers - signing up as many affiliates as they can with little regard for quality. Similarly, as an affiliate, you need to match yourself with appropriate traders.

Make certain that your interests and enthusiasms are captured in the trader's products so that you can genuinely promote them. Do your research on the company, its products and history and don't just jump in because they offer you 40% commission every time you make a sale. You can get all kinds of crucial information from affiliate forums or articles on the web. You can try to identify those products that are most likely to have a 'high conversion rate' and consequently earn you more money.

Some websites, of failed affiliate marketers, were disaster zones - examples of 'how not to produce your own web site' abound! Don't let that happen to you. First of all, choose an effective domain name; one that is a good match for your products and will be identified by search engines. This might sound glaringly obvious but the choice of name is of paramount significance. It doesn't matter how good your site is; if the customer doesn't ever get to see it, it doesn't matter. Design your website with 100% professionalism. Your design, your layout, your ads, your content are all equally important and need to be geared towards holding the sustained interest of your reader.

Don't cram it so full of pretty graphics and images that the visitor gets quickly lost. Those sites that thrive, tend to be content-rich, using key words and quality information to give customers the information they are looking for in an attractive, eye-catching way. Your website is the means by which you will make your money, so develop it appropriately. Arguably, the most crucial aspect of the affiliate marketing program is advertising. You cannot hope to succeed in persuading visitors who are looking at your site to click onto that of your partner, unless you are creative and effective with your advertising techniques.

Creating potent ads is not easy, and will entail time and hard work. But put yourself in the position of a potential customer; you are far more likely to be attracted by a vibrant, original and thoughtful marketing strategy - so that's what you must aim to provide. Many affiliate marketers fail because, with their "get rich quick" attitude they lose sight of longer term goals. You must, to make a prolonged success of affiliate marketing, and to develop it as a career, make sure that you learn it from A to Z, from top to bottom. Keep updating your knowledge base - be it in advertising, web page design or search engine optimization.

Keep improving your knowledge about the demands of customers and vagaries of traders. You cannot stand still in marketing. If you stand still, others will overtake you. The only way to stay successful is to keep learning. Finally, many would-be affiliate marketers fail simply because they give up too quickly.

They are enticed by the thought of making their million and sign enthusiastically for their first program. When that doesn't work they perhaps sign for another one and go through the same 'Teach Yourself Affiliate Marketing' cut and paste process again; with the same results. Don't expect to be the new Donald Trump next week. Work at developing your skills and applying good business sense and, who knows, you might be able to give him a run for his money one day!.

Tod Dale is a top marketer and mentor who is commited to creating six figure incomes for home business entrepreneurs. To learn more about him, visit his website at

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