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If you are confused on whether or not you should target your website to a certain niche this article may enlighten you to some key points you may looked over. I really don't get it, I mean it's obvious that you should target your website to visitors that want your information. Unless you selling a product that the mass market want and you have enough capitol and more important the experience to handle the thousands or millions of customers you can get at one time then targeting traffic is the smartest technique.

here are some reasons Reason one is when you focus on targeted traffic you are increasing your chance of making a sale or getting a subscriber your return on investment or ROI will be much higher and when I say investment I mean time or money. This is just one of many reasons to build you website around a niche. Here is a question if you go on the Internet and you looking to get your brother a gift say some Hugo cologne so you go over to google or yahoo and you type in buy Hugo cologne and when the list of websites pop up and you click on the first one and it's a website selling lingerie, sporting goods, books, and many other products all on one page and then the other website has a nice neat page just about Hugo cologne which one do you think is going to get the most sells of Hugo cologne. When you don't focus on targeted traffic by targeting your keyword you are basically making a goodwill website most of the time if people can't find what there looking for they go some where else. To further explain the point above if you focus on one keyword your ranking will go up in that keyword and most search engines prefer organized websites like putting everything about Hugo in one folder called Hugo. There are many other reasons to target a certain audience and the one I will finish on is it is much more easier and more efficient for the small business owner to focus on targeted traffic believe me I know because when i first started out online I made the mistake of trying to do it all.

If this was not enough to convince you then please try it your way and I honestly hope it works out for you but if you find it doesn't I would love to help you in any way I can and if it does work please let me know so I can copy whatever you did. This was a very small intro into targeted traffic which is a part of SEO or search engine optimization, there are other ways to promote you website besides search engines and sometimes they are more profitable than the search engines but they don't build creditability like being number one on google or yahoo.

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