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What is Complete Link Building

If you have ever wondered what the difference between link building and complete link building is then read on. To understand the difference between link building and complete link building, one must first gauge the concept of link building. A few years back, all it took to carry out link building was to get as many incoming links to a website as possible, the quality and nature of the links were inconsequential.

However, with time search engines have started implementing a concept known as link relevance. Link relevance not only takes into account the quality of the link to a website but also the relevance of the incoming link. What has further complicated the process of link building is that search engines are working to eliminate paid links from websites.

This means even if a website is related to another, if the incoming link is paid for, search engines will no longer recognize the link. There has been considerable criticism of the paid links algorithm, but the truth is that search engine like Google are already working to eliminate paid links. Now that you have grasped the concept of how incoming links work, you can now appreciate the concept of complete link building. Complete link building involves generating links to a website from a variety of sources. One of the oldest and still the most popular methods of generating incoming links is registering a site with directories. Since directories are designed to promote links, search engines do not penalise a directory for accepting money to display a link to a website.

In addition, directories are also one of the most comprehensive ways of generating incoming links. A quick glance at any SEO firm's website will reveal that SEO firms offer comprehensive directory based link building solutions. Apart from directories, complete link building solutions also use social networking sites to generate links. Social networking sites and blogs are a great way to generate incoming links. For example, a blog post discussing high speed internet connections can cite a popular service provider's site as an example. Similarly, a community of chocolate lovers can also point to a website that sells chocolates online.

It requires considerable skill to utilise blogs and social networking sites for generating incoming links and this makes it a highly sought after service. Apart from directories and social networking sites, another method of generating incoming links is utilising article sites. Most article sites disallow direct links, but they allow links to be placed in the resource box at the end of each article. Using articles to generate links is a highly skilled service, and the links generated are permanent and 'deep'. Unlike directories and blogs where there is a rare possibility of links being deleted, article sites rarely delete their articles and articles thus provide permanent incoming links. In essence, complete link building is a concept that utilises more than just directories to generate incoming links, compared to traditional link building solutions; complete link building is a more "out of the box" approach to link building.

Rishi Modi is a certified SEO professional and he is also the author of this article on Complete Link Building. Find more information about Link Building here.

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