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What Are eBooks and How Can You Use Them To Make Money

eBooks are the wave of the future, and that wave is right here and right now. They are not meant to replace paper books and in most cases, they are cheaper than paper books. eBooks are virtual electronic books that are displayed on a computer or handheld viewing device. They are ordered online, and delivered electronically to you. eBooks are usually PDF files, which can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

They are ageless and won't fall apart, burn, crumble, mildew, or rot. eBooks are files that you can download to your computer for immediate reading and are available in every category and genre, from bestsellers to classics. They are easily updated and upgraded, rapidly distributed online, are environmentally friendly, and can be shipped immediately. Because of their viral nature, eBooks are a great way to increase traffic to a website.

eBooks are quickly becoming an important alternative to paper books and thousands of eBooks are downloaded every day. Most are sold with bonuses and other related information that usually don't come with the purchase of a traditional book. Most are in Word and PDF formats. Sometimes they are Text, Word documents, or .

EXE files, which are also easily readable on most home computers. When you carry eBooks with you on a PDA, they are more portable than paper books. Any Internet Business owner can use eBooks as a powerful tool to grow their business. They are a great way to sell, advertise or self-publish your website, expertise, product, or service. Because they are portable, you can have an entire digital library of books, magazines and reports with you on your laptop or portable eBook device. In fact, eBooks are great anytime and any place, because anyone can enjoy them on the devices they already own or carry with them.

Everyone should write at least one eBook because they cost little or nothing to make and are a great way to increase your income. Even if you don't have your own eBook yet, you can still make money by selling other peoples eBooks. People around the world are always looking for "How To" information on a variety of subjects. "You can make $10, $20 or more per eBook by simply providing great quality information to those people in a subject that you specialize in. Because they take up so little space, eBooks can be offered indefinitely, with no "out of print" date.

With internet access becoming readily available everywhere, the ease of distributing eBooks is a considerable advantage.

Angela Meyers is an online marketer who writes and publishes eBooks on ways to make money online using ebooks. To find out more ways to earn money with eBooks visit

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