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Lately there has been a big rouse on the net about the latest and greatest way to promote a website. People are calling this the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

Now before I get into how you can make this work for your business, I really want to dispel some misconceptions about Web 2.0 and how the so-called leaders are using it. First Things First There are no leaders in Web 2.0 advertising because it is something that we have been using for a number of years to get visitors to our websites. For example: We have been using blogs, social marketing, article writing, press releases and bookmarking for a number of years.

It is being done somewhat differenty now. Currently it is being used to increase the generic search engine listings of any website on all of the major search engines. Here is a simplified approach to using Web 2.0 and how you can start receiving no cost traffic visiting your company website immediately. SO LET'S BEGIN.

Step 1: Make a blog. Blogs are free to use and they most definitely receive high search engine ranking on all of the major search engines. When making a blog, I recommend adding 1 post a week on your blog to keep it current. (It would be even more beneficial to have 2 blogs, both with a slightly different advertising campaign on them. Step 2: Set up a social bookmark site on Squidoo, Facebook, and MySpace. The number of people that visit each of the sites above per day is astronomical.

(You can find these sites by simple typing in their name on Google for example). Step 3: Open an account at 4 of the free movie sites. I believe that YouTube, Revver, Crackly and Live Video work the best.

All of these receive very high traffic ratings. The process THAT you need to follow. With your 2 BLOGS, ensure that you post a new entry or 2 on each of these every week. This can a new article or an RSS feed. THEN, update your MySpace site, your Facebook site and your Squidoo lens as well by placing your BLOG domain name as a clickable link onto all of your blogs. (And vice versa, you will put your MySpace, Facebook and Squidoo domain name on your Blogs as well).

Next, make 2 to 3 movies each week that promote your product on the above mentioned movie sites. Put all of the domains of your movie sites on your blogs as well as all of the social network websites that you belong to. The idea behind doing this is to let the search engines spiders start seeing the links to your sites which are now creating back links to all of your sites. This creates a higher search engine ranking.

The methodology is simple. Repeat the above process a every week, and you will begin to see a lot more traffic visiting your site. I did not forget about ARTICLES and PRESS RELEASE writing.

These techniques are no cost to you and they work wonderfully by creating a great deal of back lines to all of your online advertsing. Create 2 articles per week over and submit 2 free press released per week. Does this work? The answer is yes.

I consistently use this simple approach to drive internet traffic to my company site and I don't pay for any advertising anymore.

if you want to see where you can use the above techniques effectively and build a fantastic business please take a took HERE

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