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A Social Network can be defined as a set of linkages among an identified group of people. It is the set of people with whom one maintains contact and has some form of social bond. And with this comes the social support, a process in which emotional, instrumental, or financial aid is obtained from one's social network. However, the concept of networking has come to play a significant role in the formal relationships, rather than just focusing on one type of tie like kinship, neighbourship, or friendship. Social Network can be really fruitful for marketing a business as well.

Marketing means running a first rate business and letting people know about it. Every action the company takes sends a marketing message. Your business image is a direct reflection of you.

A clever ad is what pops into people's minds when they think about a successful business. Social Networking in the context of promoting business refers to the concept of word of mouth advertising which has been the basis of many successful businesses for years. With niche social sites, this concept has now found a whole new dimension in the world of internet marketing. Marketing by word of mouth can be viral and starts with a few interested people who are spreading the word about your business.

Whether they are raving about a great experience, are especially fond of a particular product, or just can't stop talking about the excellent customer service they have received, these people are the anchor for your social networking plan. Socialites are the people who are always talking, they're likely to have a whole range of contacts in their communities, and this may range from local business owners to friends, family and coworkers. While working with a tight marketing budget for your small business, choosing the right initiative is very important. Tapping into your own social network can bring countless benefits, and creating a constant stream of customers becomes easy with the right approach. Using your social network involves just a little planning and strategic control, but after the initial stage has been set, you can watch your business boom from customer interest with very little effort. A few ways which can be tapped into your own Social Network to market your Small Business: 1.

Publish your satisfied customer testimonials. Use your brochure space, advertining copy, and website to feature or highlight tetimonials. 2. Tag your brand to your e-mail ? Even for non-business related e-mails, adding a tagline or catchy quote can help keep the business on top of everyone's mind.

3. Become an expert ? Join a mailing list, discussion forum, or local blog and share your experiences as a business owner. The more that people can put a face to the name of your business, the more likely they will learn from you and tune in to your activities. 4.

Publish a blog ? Set up a company blog, and personalize it with your owner credentials. You can send invites to all of your family, friends, and contacts and encourage them to comment regularly about your findings. 5. Create an e-comunity or network - This is a great way to get new contacts, customers, and expose your business to new people. Social Networks are used to in business to gain contacts, affiliates, and customers. Spreading the word about your business through social networking can become viral!.

I have used social networking and social bookmarking to gain many contacts and boost sales for 2 years. I am trying to give back and I hope that my articles can help you too. Friends Win

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