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If you are an internet marketer submitting videos to video sharing sites for business reasons rather than an enthusiast submitting videos just for the sake of doing so, then you are most likely to have created and submitted your video for one of these reasons. For leads, clicks, branding purposes or sales. You may have produced a video that has been viewed millions of times but unless you designed the video to drive the viewers to your site you are only having viewers and not visitors. To make sure your viewers become visitors implement the following steps in your videos. Leads. You might be wanting to generate leads for subscribers to you mailng list.

At the end of your video you must offer the viewer a free gift or a powerful reason to subscribe to your list. For example if your video was about a new software package that had just been introduced then you could offer a free video or ebook about how to get the best out of the new product over and above what the publishers offer. The viewers would then become visitors and subscribe to you list. Clicks. If you have an Adsense site then you want visitors to come to you site and click on the ads on your pages. Again you need to give your visitors a good reason to visit your site.

If you have other videos on your site then make your viewers aware of this at the end of the video, and if they liked the first video then they will likely want to see more. Design your page content so that the ads that will be shown are related to the video content and use keywords in your page or post and in the title of the page or post that pull the right ads from Adsense. Branding. If your aim is to brand your domain name so that video viewers start to remember you site then make sure that your domain name and logo, if you have one, are displayed at the end of the video but better still throughout the video as a watermark on every frame. This is an effective long term method that can be used for marketing at a later date.

Sales. This is not as easy as it sounds and some people say that direct sales at the end of a video is not very effective. Viewers who watch your video for entertainment might not be in buying mode and so after the video they might move on. It is far better to give them a free gift, after subscribing to your list, with the potential for a sale at a later date when they might be in a more receptive buying mode. Since most video sharing sites do not give a link back to your site from the video page, the viewer will have to type in your domain nameas they are watching the video or make a note for later reference.

Having a short domain name is real useful, but you will be lucky to find and register a short name now, especially a .com name. If you are registering a new domain the try and make it easy to remember even if it is quite long. Implementing the above steps in your videos will give you a great chance to convert your video viewers into visitors to generate income for you and your website.

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