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Travel Industry Is At trillion Get Your Share

In the home business field, one industry reigns above the rest. When the over 2000 vitamin companies are all quarreling over the few billion people invest into them each year, the travel industry reigns supreme. With over $7.1 trillion dollars spent on travel each year, and no signs of stopping anytime soon, owning an online travel business is one of the most sound moves for an aspiring entrepreneur.

As of right now, over 80% of travel is booked online through places like expedia and hotwire. Those travel agencies that used to be in shopping plazas are now done from people's homes. Let's face it, as technology advances, human interaction is slowly taken out of the equation. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because now instead of paying more to a Certified Travel Agent to book your trips, you can become a CTA yourself and save thousands every year while even making money off the trips you book. Another fact that makes this industry so appealing is that there is very little competition in online travel. There are few travel companies compared to the thousands that market the next "wonder vitamin".

The others are big ticket, $1000-$3000 dollar programs that mostly use the travel perks as an excuse to have money exchange hands. Some online travel companies get caught up in recruiting agents and lose the travel aspect of their business. Without the travel aspect, these companies can be shut down for being a pyramid/ponzi scheme.

One of the major online travel business suppliers has recently lost its IATA credentials. This means they are no longer authorized to book through Marriot Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. YTB or Your Travel Business, as they are called are no longer really your travel business if they cannot book everywhere. What is recommended when looking to start an online travel business, check out how they book travel. See how you are certified, don't be an RTA, or referring travel agent; you want to be a CTA so you can book directly with suppliers and save the most money. Most importantly find a company focused on travel, you don't want to start a residual income that will disappear because your travel company is labeled as a pyramid scheme.

I hope to see you all on a cruise sometime enjoying life, cheers to your success.

Become a Certified Travel Agent Sylvan Noel 954-254-0116

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