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In the previous article (Part 1) we talked about how to get started writing articles and use them as an internet marketing technique to first establish your credibility online and then send potential customers to your business site. The articles you write should be optimized for the search engines by including a certain number of specific keywords throughout your writing so that when people search for certain keywords related to your market (niche) your articles will show up in the results. This is part of an internet marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Regarding keyword density (the percentage of specific keywords in relation to the total number of words in an article) the experts are still out on it, but the general consensus is anywhere between 1 and 5%.

The most important thing when writing articles is not to excessively put your keywords in them. This technique called keyword stuffing is considered spamming and some directories may reject your submission. In addition, the search engines can detect it and may not rank your article highly (if they index it at all).

Obviously, this beats the purpose of using articles as an internet marketing tool. For whatever reason some people just don't like writing articles. They think it takes too much time or simply can't put their thoughts together into words. If you are one of them, believe it or not, you can still use articles as an internet marketing technique. How? You simply have someone else write them for you. If you have a good friend or relative who enjoys writing and won't mind composing an article or two for you and letting you have the credit, you are in luck.

If you don't know such a person, you can hire a ghost writer to write an article for you for a relatively small fee. Just do a search on "ghost writer" or visit sites like and post your project there.

Just make sure you provide detailed instructions about the article, including keyword density as mentioned above so that the final product will be a great internet marketing tool. Once you have an article ready (whether written by you or someone else), it's now time to submit it to an article directory. Actually, you can submit it to several different directories.

You should always read the Terms of Service, since each directory may have slightly different rules and guidelines, which you need to abide by. A very important part of your submission is the inclusion of what's known as the "Author Resource Box" (or something similar) at the end of your article. This is where you get your credit by telling your readers a bit about yourself and your business, and including a link to your web site. Creating a text link containing the main keyword of your niche in the resource box (if the article directory allows it) is a powerful internet marketing technique that will help your site rank highly in the search engines. You should also state the benefit of visiting your site such as learning more tips, getting a free e-book, etc.

Make it brief and to the point. Now besides getting links from the article directories themselves, your business web site will also get links from many other sites that use your article since they are required to include the resource box with the link intact. This internet marketing technique will in time raise your site's popularity and bring you plenty of targeted visitors. In a nutshell, that's how to use articles as an internet marketing technique to promote your business.

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