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Three Reasons Why They Hate Your Internet Web Site Design

As you surf the internet, you cannot help but be impressed by the sheer variety of the different websites. People can be very creative. A good web site design draws the visitor in, puts a stamp of individuality on that particular site and raises your online profile. Then, there is the other side of the coin. A web site page that looks as if not much thought or planning went into the design.

It is a mess from the word go; however beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and web visitors maybe willing to overlook the fact that the site was not designed by Picasso. What they will not overlook is a web site page that just flat out annoys them. There are some things you can do in the designing of your website that will not get under the skin of your visitors. 1.

Where Are They Going? You go to a web site page that looks nice and has good content on it. You decide to explore further but you cannot. Why? Because you are having a hard time finding the navigation bar. When you do find it, you are taking to a page in which you have to hunt for the right link to take you to the desired information. By the time you do figure out the navigation scheme, you forgot what you were looking for.

Nobody comes online to get trapped in the Matrix. People want information and they want it quickly. Give them a simple clear easily accessible menu panel, which takes them immediately to the information they want. Also make sure no matter how deeply people explore your website, there are clearly defined guidepost on each page which can take them back to where they started.

This is also a good place to talk about over clicking. Having your visitors click multiple times to get where they want to go is an excellent way to tick people off. Do everything in your power to get them to the information they want in one click; three at the most. Anything after that is just inviting them to click away from your site.

2. The Multimedia Show. People love video and quality graphics but their first priority is to get information.

If your graphics are not an integral and necessary part of your web page display, get rid of them. Keep in mind not everyone has a high speed internet connection. Excessive graphics and multimedia presentations can slow down the load time of your website substantially. People will just go to another site instead of being inconvenienced. Dazzle visitors with the content on your site first and foremost.

3. Fonts and Colors. There are few things online tougher on the eyes than a poorly thought out font style and color scheme. The number one goal of your web design is to get visitors to read the information. If people have to constantly decipher your web content then they will not bother.

Stick with a basic design. Your color and font style should compliment each other while affording maximum readability to your visitors. There will never be a time when your website pleases everyone. That is just the way it is so do not waste your time trying to create the perfect internet web site design.

It does not exist. Instead focus on a site with easy navigation, which is readable, fast loading and above all contains good content. You may not satisfy everyone who visits your website but the majority will no doubt like what they see and read.

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