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Now that you have your website hosted and launched you need to find ways to get people to come look at it. Having site traffic is the lifeblood of your internet business. No matter how good it is or how well your product works, if no one sees it, you will fail. Obviously if you have plenty of money to purchase advertising and e-mail lists you will be able to get your offer out to the world.

However, many individuals who are just starting out in internet marketing are working with a minimal budget and have few resources to invest at the beginning. It is for these instances that we will discuss three pathways to website traffic; ranked in order of effectiveness, that can be obtained merely with the expenditure of "time". TRAFFIC EXCHANGE: One of the most common ways to get visitors to view your page is through the use of a traffic exchange program. This system involves signing up for an account with the traffic exchange company and then viewing other people's websites. Different companies will set their own amount of time you must stay on the page to get credit. Then after you have built up a stock of credits, you submit your website or squeeze page to the exchange and watch the number of visitors you have increase.

FORUM SIGNATURES: If you have never registered to any of the multitude of forums online, you may find this an exciting way to develop website traffic as well as regular users. Basically the internet forum is a bulletin board devoted to some particular topic or interest. Members then post messages and replies to each other.

When setting up your profile at the forum of your choice, you are given a small amount of space to list the url for your homepage, squeeze page or affiliate link. These "signatures" will appear at the bottom of every post you then make on the forum. There is some effort involved to make your posts interesting and informative enough that people will use the links to see what else you are into. Always check the Terms of Service (TOS) of each board for their specific requirements or taboos about what types of links are allowed in the signatures. Not only will curious fellow posters check out your site but the signatures provide one way back-links to your site that increase its value in search engine ranking. PAID TO CLICK ADVERTISING: While Paid to Click (PTC) websites are generally considered the "black sheep" of internet business, they can be utilized to generate extra traffic to your site.

There are two ways of doing this. First off, you are being credited some small amount of cash for viewing their advertisements. These tend to be other business offer squeeze pages or business sites.

The money you earn through watching other's ads can be plowed back into the program to pay for your own advertisements on the site. Most PTC sites also run click exchange programs and give you "points" that can be traded for views of your site. The time allotted for each view varies and will be a maximum of thirty seconds with some programs having viewing times of as little as eight seconds. Therefore, designing a page that will quickly catch the viewer's attention is a prime necessity. By spending about an hour a day working these programs, you can easily build up your site traffic to a thousand hits a month very quickly.

Routinely adding new and interesting content will keep them coming back for more.

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