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The Vast Majority of Multi Level Marketers Fail Miserably

Most Multilevel Marketers fail miserably in their business ventures, but continue on, jumping from program to program, believing that one day. they would get it right. But there is some bad news: that 'day', for many of them, will never come. Why? Well let's look at some statistics which clearly indicates that MLM is not an effective way for the average person to get rich. MLM Distributors are part of a group that has an estimated 20,000,000 members worldwide.

That's 20,000,000 people chasing an impossible dream. Here's why: Out of the estimated 20,000,000 MLM distributors around the world, there are LESS than 1,000 of them earning exceptional amounts of money each excess of $100,000 per month.

Only another 5,000 earn real money.$25,000-99,000 per month. Only another 25,000 earn some money.$2,000-25,000 per month. Only another 100,000 earn enough to cover expenses.

$500-2,000 per month. The other 19,869,000 dreamers earn virtually NOTHING each month. So each individual has a statistical chance of 0.

5 percent of breaking even, and a lot LESS of getting rich.To put it another way. ONLY 1 out of every 20,000 MLM distributors get rich. ONLY 1 out of every 200 MLM distributors break even.

The idea that one could beat those odds, are totally unrealistic. The concept of MLM is based on "relationship marketing" or "word of mouth selling." With the onset of Internet Marketing, relationship building took a "back seat".

Many believe a website by itself would close the sale. By an large, it does not happen. Everyone has a website spending hard earned money in advertising that is supposed to "drive traffic". Well.think about it.

if just sending traffic or doing an email blast would bring one "paid sign ups", why would the advertiser sell or rent his data would make more sense for him to market to his own data base, and get rich that way.wouldn't it? There is a concepts that worked before, is working now, and will continue to work.

It is are also in the field of marketing, but it is NOT MLM; it is Network Marketing.THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. One does indeed need to build a network whereby the concept of "leveraging" could take place. Leveraging is necessary for true wealth building to take place.

Here again however, Network Marketing runs into the same roadblocks as MLM in terms of trying to build with only a website. In today's current environment there is only one sure way for an individual to build wealth on the Internet, and that is to have someone else do the work. To do the kind of 'work' that most people don't have the time or the experience to do, but work that is indeed a necessity if one is to achieve major success on the Internet. Yes indeed, there are many people making "insane" daily, weekly and monthly income via the Internet, but they are following the 'new' trend.they let the professionals do the ALL the selling and the talking. Network Marketing companies are realizing they need to create systems whereby "every single distributor has an equal opportunity to succeed" And guess what.

it is working! Companies that have taken this initiative are experiencing massive growth and their distributors are making incredible sums of money every single day. So that's the answer for anyone who genuinely wants to change his or her life.who wants to generate an incredible on going income, in an incredibly short period of time, without all the headaches, and via the Internet. Simple: find a Network Marketing company that offers professionals who do all the work and leave you alone to happily run all the way to the bank. It must be a full proof system designed to eliminate failure; yes a system designed to eliminate all the headaches and drawbacks.a system no doubt designed to create millionaires.

Here's a company that offers an awesome marketing system. One that requires no work on the part of its members, but said members are generating huge daily incomes. Individuals who were literally in bankruptcy, had little or no experience in networking, or had never made any real money on the Internet are now making over $100,000 a month. It a MUST SEE! and a MUST DO! Watch the FREE MOVIE. Go to:

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