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What amount of traffic is considered sufficient? Does your website need hundreds of visitors? Will there be thousands of visitors? The amount of traffic that is brought in is not the only factor in the success of web site traffic. The important point is, how many visitors.and for that you just have to spend a few hundreds and you will get thousands of inexpensive visitors.

and your job would be done, right? Wrong!!! Here is the secret. Regardless of whether it's through free or paid traffic, you need to attract the RIGHT type of visitor. That's due to the fact that if they are not interested in the product or service that you sell, do not hope to make any sales. Let's compare this to what happens in the world outside of the internet. For example, what if you owned a retail store that sold landscaping needs, such as topsoil, mulches and other ground covers.

It's going to be very hard to make a sale if the people who come through the door live in apartments. Who would need to come to your shop in order to sell your landscaping inventory? Are you able to identify and give full description of your customer? Being in the shoes of a customer is the very beginning of a winning philosophy. What is it that they desire? What is it that they require? This is really what you have to do while you decide upon the type of traffic routed to your site Let's turn our attention to the online world of business. With respect to the service or product that you are actually selling, let us begin with the assumption that a market realistically exists for the service or product.

Because buyers seek solutions for problems, you will need to know where they go when they desire information. They will be conducting research using the internet. They will easily conduct online search to gather free information. If you want to translate your information into the results, you must answer their problem via a publication, a blog, a Youtube video, a podcoast or any other brief media to share information over the World Wide Web. If you want a pro-active client or customer, make them follow the call to action and bring crowded, captive audiences at your website.

A free report or an e-course series that you can offer them is a great way to encourage them to visit your site. Gain credibility and a rapport with your new lead before working on the second step of converting them into buyers. Traffic sources such as forums, YouTube, article and podcast directories are great for producing targeted free traffic. And while initially it may just bring in hundreds instead of the thousands you were eagerly anticipating, you should keep in mind that all of these visitors have great potential as customers since they have already shown an active interest in your area of goods and or services.

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