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The REAL Need For Speed In Internet Marketing

In the Internet marketing arena, as in many areas of life, many people often come up with the same or similar ideas at the same time. When that happens the one who take massive action first is usually the one that wins. If you look at many modern marvels, you'll see proof of this. You'll see proof that people with great ideas almost seem to be tapping into some pool of cosmic thought. You'll even noticed ideas that first appeared decades or centuries before they came to fruition.

That strengthen the "cosmic consciousness" concept even further. Leonardo da Vinci conceived of a flying machine similar to the helicopter, long before it was anywhere near practical. He also saw numerous other inventions that were yet to be created. Getting back closer to this century, several people conceived of designs for the horseless carriage (or automobile) at the same time.

They worked furiously and independently on their ideas. scarcely aware of what anyone else was doing that was similar to their experimentation. The inventors of the flying machine had the same experience. Several teams of inventors worked on the concept in isolation, scarcely aware of each other. In numerous other cases, individuals saw a need, and developed a product to fill that need, often completely unaware of others doing the same thing. This also happens in the world of Internet marketing.

Several people will notice a problem, see offering a solution as profitable, and set about creating that solution. Where the world of Internet marketing differs from the example of invention of the automobile or airplane is in the speed with which Internet marketing products can be created. Software and information products can often be created in days rather than months or years.

The need for speed comes into play due to the fact that with many products, the market often remembers who was first. The one who was first to introduce a product is sometimes viewed as having the more credible product since they obviously "invented it." In the world of Internet marketing, those who were casually exploring the idea, usually introduce their product second. They can do "ok." Following closely on the heels of those who rolled out a similar product second. are the copycats.

These are the people who buy an ebook and blatantly copy the concept. and then roll it out at a cut-throat price. These are the people who see a piece of software and shamelessly reverse engineer it. and again roll out a similar but cheaper product. The person who has an idea, mulls it over for months, perhaps even years, and then finally decides to create the product, often comes in last. This person's product often hits the market just as market conditions are changing, and the need for that specific product is no longer very strong.

This person proved the saying, "You snooze, you lose." In my 11 years of creating and marketing information products over the internet, I have personally witnessed dozens of cases where lack of speed meant that instead of earning six-figures on an idea, a person only earned heart-ache. You need to develop (through practice) the ability to recognize a need, prove that it's great enough, and then take massive action. If you are in the arena of Internet marketing in particular, there are hundreds of people probably looking at the same problem, or idea, that you are looking at right now.

One example from my own experience is a "fire sale" that I conducted February 28th - March 6th, 2006. This fire sale generated six-figures in sales in only seven days, and paid for my daughter's wedding - among other things. I put together the fire sale because I'd read a lot about them, and I had all of the tools that I needed after purchasing Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing System. My daughter had announced that she planned on getting married that September, and she wanted a fairly fancy wedding! Surveying the Internet marketing landscape, I could sense that many of the 1500 or so people who had purchased Butterfly Marketing, were also thinking of hosting a fire sale.

In fact, many of them were discussing it on a customer-only discussion forum set up just for owners of Butterfly Marketing. Sensing that dozens of people might soon launch fire sales all at once, but also hearing dozens of them express reasons why they couldn't, I simply did it! I later shared how I made a split second decision, put together a team of launch partners with another split second decision, and then executed a fire sale that made over $100,000 in that 7 day period. My case-study of how I acknowledged and harnessed "The Need For Speed" is now available from my websites at: I could give you numerous examples of people who came to me with an idea, and I showed them that someone had just released a similar product mere weeks earlier. I could give you numerous cases where someone announced a year or more ago that they had an idea for a product. They mapped it out, got temporarily excited about the idea, and then let it sit on the shelf.

A few months later, or maybe even a year later, someone introduced "their" product to market. "The great fact" is that many of us come up with the same or similar ideas at the same time. What distinguishes the difference between success and failure in those cases is the ability to acknowledge "the need for speed" and then act upon it.

Willie Crawford has been successfully marketing goods and services over the internet, and teaching others to do the same, since 1996. His "wedding fire sale" is often cited as a classic fire sale case-study. To learn how Willie generated "six-figures" from a simple idea read his in-depth special report at:

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