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The new sellers guide to eBay

Selling on eBay is as easy as ABC!!! If you have something interesting to sell, there are millions of buyers out there on eBay waiting to buy it from you. Sadly, not many have been able to gauge the amazing potential eBay has when it comes to selling and the number of ways in which eBay can boost their businesses. What can you sell? As long as the range of products you have are unique and enticing enough to lure buyers, you can sell practically anything on eBay. From music cds and computer software to books and interesting gift items, you can successfully sell everything on the mega auction site ? eBay! Upload these interesting goodies in your auction list and offer them at competitive prices for online sale.

Don't forget to add a picture Adding images can do wonders for your online sale, as a good picture is far more effective than detailed description of the item on sale. When it comes to selling items such as costume jewelry and apparels, your buyers would be more convinced by seeing the image rather than reading a mere description about the specifications of the product. Ideally, you can include pictures (at the top of the page) to show the product from various angles to lure buyers. How to sell? I feel it is crucial to create a product title that's packed with suitable keywords in order to be easily found when buyers search for similar products.

Your product listings must be accompanies with appropriate product details and if the product being offered is a second hand one, don't forget to mention this in product details. When you sell your products on eBay, buyers pay you in advance and offering some sort of guarantee or warranty on your products can make your buyers feel more comfortable when dealing with you. One thing that can boost your sale on eBay is the number of payment options you provide to your buyers. Offer as many payment options as you can so that you don't lose out on a lucrative deal simply because the options offered didn't suit that particular buyer.

Buyers generally prefer online payment options, as they are fast and easy. Be patient and polite with your customers Since your buyers don't actually know whom they are dealing with, any delay on your side to contact them can be highly discomforting. Make sure that you follow up once you receive a sale in order to build trust and get more business from the same buyer in future.

One thing you must avoid at all costs is being impolite. You need to be very polite with your customers even if they are offensive at times. If your buyers are unhappy with the product they have purchased, you may try giving a replacement or at least try being sympathetic towards their concerns.

John Thornhill is an eBay PowerSeller and trades on eBay under the username planetsms. He earns $1000s every week selling info products on eBay. If you want John to mentor you and show you how he is so successful visit

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