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The Importance Of The Followup

Okay now you have a domain name, a Web host and sequential autoresponder. You have already set up your squeeze page to capture your visitor's contact information and your sales page describing what you are selling and why your visitor's need it. Now you are ready for your follow-up emails with a Sequential Sales Message. The average person must be shown or exposed to your message, you or your brand approximately seven times before they will consider buying from you.

Marketing guru, Jay Levinson figures the average person needs to see an ad twenty-seven times before it has the desired impact. That is where your autoresponder comes in to play, because it is designed to send out predetermined sequential messages to your visitors. These messages help you develop a rapport with your subscribers so they can learn to know you, like you and trust you. Everybody is going to buy at a different point; the key is to get them on your list. So, what do you send out in your messages? The first message should be thanking your subscribers for requesting more information on your product or service as well as delivering the information you have promised.

For example a free report or whatever you want to give free to your subscribers to get them to subscribe and buy. The second message, about two day later, you should ask them how they liked their free report and ask them if they have any questions. What you are doing here is reminding them that you have given them something of value for free and you are soliciting their feedback by asking if they have questions.

The third message around day seven should include more information about your product and information that highlights the core benefits related to that subscriber. The fourth letter on day 14 could be an email highlighting the most common questions or concerns that other customers have had about your product. How many times have you seen, 'Frequently Asked Questions' on a website? This is what is known as managing objections. Day 21 or your fifth message could include testimonials that you've gathered from existing customers. If possible, include some from highly respected people in your field.

The next email should be one addressing common concerns of your payment plan. You might suggest that many people have contacted you stating that your product or service was too much money. So, you come up with a special payment plan, such as installments. A later email may be a sale, like a Holiday sale or damaged goods sale.

Whatever the reason, just be sure to give your visitors a reason. Everyone wants to know why you are doing something. Give them the reason why you are offering a sale and why they should purchase from you now. Remember, a common phrase in the email marketing world states, 'The fortune is in the follow-up.' This is how your visitors get to know you, like you and trust you. Three important aspects of making a sale.

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