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The Greatest Copywriting Skill How to Learn It

The most powerful skill you can have as a copywriter is getting inside your prospects head and talking to them in their language. When you do that, and do it well, they’ll listen to you. When you’re talking to them about their most pressing problems, their most dire needs, and deepest desires…in their language…magic happens.

I’ll tell you exactly how to do that. But first… You should know it’s not something you read about and then do. If you want to be the best, you must learn how to get to know your markets. In short, you must learn about people. You’ll need to cultivate and develop a skill that many people lack. It’s the bane of many wives and girlfriends around the world.

I’ll show you… “Honey? Did you remember to make that phone call, today?” “Honey. Did you make the call?” “…huh?” “I SAID…did you make the call?” “…ummm, who was I suppose to call, again?” That’s right! Listening. Simply listening to what others say. It’s not hard to do. Most people hear the things “they” want to hear very well, everyday. It’s just a matter of consciously focusing…and perhaps having a bit more courtesy.

So just… Pay attention! Developing this one skill will serve you very well from now on. But for now you’ll be using it to become a better copywriter. And the more you listen, and less you talk, the more you’ll learn about people.

After all, people are your market. What will you be listening for? Simple. What they say! Not only what they say…but HOW they say it. Their language, speech patterns, figures of speech, and what’s on their minds. You’ll listen to what’s bothering them, what their problems are, what they like and don’t like.

Basically everything. Doing this one simple thing, long enough, will teach you how regular Joe’s and Mary’s talk. Not only that…but you’ll begin to understand their problems and concerns. Now I’ll tell you some specific actions to take. Yes, you may be thinking that all you need to do is talk to people and listen. And you’ll be partly right.

But lets take it a little further… Power Copy Tip #1: Talk to people you know about things they buy. Don’t interview them because it’ll change the way they think. Millions of people do this every single day. I mean…talk to each other about things they buy, want to buy, or recently bought.

So just engage them about it. Pay very close attention to their emotions. Are there any specific benefits about a product that elicits strong emotions? Is there anything they hate about a product? Pay attention to “how” they say things.

What words do they use? Power Copy Tip #2: Talk to strangers. Just engage them in a friendly way and LISTEN to what they have to say. Ask them about something you’re writing about. The product or product ‘category’. Or be direct about it.

Tell them you’re writing about a particular product and ask for their opinions and feelings about the product. Then say nothing. Most people LOVE talking about their feelings, opinions, attitudes, etc. You’ll be surprised at how little you really need to say.

Just touch a warm or hot button and stand back! You’ll get an earful. And then…LISTEN. The words, the expressions, the feelings, etc. Hey, this is excellent research you’ll be doing. Power Copy Tip #3: Pop culture is your friend. So let it tell you as much as possible about people and your markets.

If you’re researching a particular market try to find some excellent places where they gather. Like…magazines, Google them and go to their web hubs…the places they go for news about their common interest. Then dig in! Look for topics, themes, or stories that appear more than once. If it appears more than once then you know it’s something important. Keep a sharp eye out for “their language”.

You know the drill…their problems, hopes, fears, desires, etc. There you have it! This is something that’s so very simple to do. And if you’re serious about becoming the best you can be, you’ll do it.

You’ll learn a lot and in time you’ll kick your copy a few notches up, or more! Copyright (c) 2007 Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.

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