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When it comes to making money online, Affiliate and Network programs are the buzzwords today for the online savvy public. Affiliate marketing programs are indeed a great innovation in the world of e-commerce. The rule is simple - the more people drop by your website, the higher is your income. So how exactly does affiliate marketing work for you? Affiliate marketing is an online marketing practice in which a business pays some affiliates for each visitor brought to the website due to the affiliate's marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing programs can pay in different ways. Sometimes, a company will pay a set amount for either a directed one click link from your website or for a set amount for visitors who sign up.

Otherwise, payment can even be made as a percentage of a purchase made by visitors when they are referred from your website. Recently, an online survey conducted in the UK has revealed that more than 95% of the advertisers using affiliate networks believe that this is the most cost effective form of marketing for driving targeted traffic. These advertisers are quite satisfied with the results of affiliate campaigns. For home businesses, the way affiliate marketing works is by getting visitors to your site. Therefore, it is necessary to create awareness about your product or service.

Marketing can of course do wonders to the sale potential of an average product. And this is where affiliates can help you. So, if you also want to make a mark in the fast growing online marketplace, affiliates can prove to be a good option for you and you can avail from a range of their services like paid search engine marketing, search engine optimisation and email marketing. On the other hand, network marketing is based on the concept of 'networking'. Everybody has a circle of people who they interact with regularly. They can be your friends, colleagues, relatives or just acquaintances.

In turn, the people you know have their own network of people they interact with. With network marketing, these networks can be tapped to sell products or services and also to offer business opportunity to new potential distributors. As a result, with the widening of the networks, one gets to benefit not just from individual sales but also a percentage of the sales from their network. The main difference between affiliate marketing and networks is that while in network marketing, you get paid even for the efforts of your network members, in affiliate marketing, you get paid only on your individual sales.

Also, most affiliate marketing programs can be joined free of cost, whereas there is usually a joining fee for network marketing businesses. For affiliate marketing opportunities, it may be worthwhile to offer affiliate services through your own website. You can provide links to affiliates and you get paid according to the number of clicks you get on those links. The content you display on your website has tremendous potential for attracting visitors.

So, it is advisable to do some preliminary research on the sort of content and design that you can build up to get a strong foothold in the world of affiliate marketing. Blogs, forums and social networking websites are particularly important sources to figure out what people are looking for. This can help you formulate your own unique content for your website.

Also, an important thing to do is to always provide your contact details on your website so that visitors can be assisted in case they need help or guidance. For success in network marketing, one must have a definite focus and a good compensation plan which is flexible and offers reasonable returns on effort. Network marketing may particularly be suited to people who have household responsibilities and wish to work from home. With the growth of internet services and advent of social networks like Orkut, Myspace and Facebook, it is worthwhile to start a business online with some capital and expand it through a well organised and systematic marketing plan.

Yes, these social networks today have tremendous potential for marketing your business as they provide a common platform to reach wide audiences, some of who may even be personally known to you! Evidence suggests that simple word of mouth marketing can also be quite useful. There's no doubt that with the expansion of internet, and with the advent of affiliate systems and more recently, social networking websites like Facebook, the potential for online business is unlimited. There are various ways available now to tap your market and have a great business. So if you are perseverant and interested in conducting business online, trust me, the opportunity has never been better before!.

Tom Gee is a professional internet marketer and website optimization expert who lives in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. For more information on Affiliate Marketing Network Programs visit:

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