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Successful Internet marketing is generating lots of revenue from your visitors. How is this possible? How can we turn visitors into customers? First of all, we must find a product with a ready pool of buyers-i.e., targeted traffic. Market research on the popularity of the product helps you find the potential market on the Internet. If a product has no demand or limited demand, then it is not worth marketing, as it takes a lot of effort to promote the product with very little reward.

In other words, we need to work smartly. You can check the commonly sought-after items from sites such as Yahoo, Overture, etc. These sites provide data on a number of searches per month for a particular product, which will help you make good decisions on what to sell. Successful Internet marketing does not happen overnight after the web site is created. The site needs to be promoted. Quality traffic to the site will certainly help sales explode.

You can find this quality-targeted traffic from the forum of the product's interest group. Post your comment and offer your knowledge to the community, build your reputation as a trusted expert on the topic, and get the community to be interested in your post by offering sound advice and good information. Alternatively, write articles about the product and submit them to various online publishers; readers will pick up a well-written article with useful content, and they will return. Remember to provide links to your web site to allow potential customers to explore your product conveniently.

Article submission and posting comments to forums are not the only marketing strategies to increase traffic to your web site. Posting regularly to your blog and working on keywords are some of the many other ways that help increase traffic and ranking of your site. In short, successful Internet marketing needs constant input to improve the ranking of your web site. High-quality visitors to your site are valuable assets, therefore the ability to retain these visitors is the key to successful Internet marketing.

There are many ways to retain your visitors. The two best and proven ways are opt-in and membership sites. Offer readers your free newsletters when they sign up for the membership site. You need to build trust and loyalty among your members, therefore it is important that you offer them quality, frank, and truthful information and that you never send spam.

Successful Internet marketing is not limited to just marketing a single product successfully. Back-end products and up-sales are ways to extend your sales. These products can be offered in your thank-you message after the first purchase. You can feature them in your newsletters or emails sent to your members.

Basically, there are unlimited ways to market them. Finally, successful Internet marketing has no space and time dimension. It is up to your innovative creativity to make the results of successful Internet marketing last a long time. Copyright (c) 2007 JY Zhong.

JY Zhong is an Internet marketer who researches on successful Internet marketing strategies. Click here for more information on successful Internet marketing and visit my blog.

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