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Recent trends have shown that corporate downsizing and outsourcing jobs overseas have caused a wave of individuals looking to replace their incomes with an online business. These new business opportunities seem to be popping up in large numbers every single day. Now, many of these can be good programs with the potential for some serious income, however, there are quite a lot that are simply money games, pyramid schemes and outright scams. So you must do your homework when researching these companies. In order to cut through the confusion and "fog" of opportunities out there, one must find someone they can actually work with to help them figure out this new business. Do your best to see through the hype and over the top sales pitches and find a real person that you can work with as a mentor.

It is more important WHO you work with, instead of WHAT program you work. A personal relationship with a mentor that is successful will boost your likelihood for your success at least 10 times. When I started in the online marketing business, I found a mentor and started a personal relationship that I am very happy to say has turned into a good friendship. It is this relationship that has helped me excel in this business environment.

I am a member of the internet business Passport to Wealth and have become a leading mentor and sponsor helping others achieve the success they're striving for. This is a business that is built around the software industry and was created by Darren Gaudry at the end of 2006. The reason for my success is that I practice what I preach and teach my members everything that I was taught when I joined the internet marketing business in the beginning on 2006. See, when I started in the internet world, I was very intimidated and confused by the technology. What I learned was that this really isn't that difficult to figure out and when you do, the rest just comes down to business basics.

The fact is that over 90% of new business owners online will fail. They have the desire and many have the capital to build, but they still fail. There are many different reasons for this, but I think the biggest is that they are not implementing the core basics of business in order to give them the chance of success that they deserve. Here are the biggest keys I can give that if you just structure your business around, you will have a tough time NOT making it.

This can be your blueprint for success if you model this to your business. The amazing thing is that this is not rocket science and if people would just step back and analyze their own business from their prospects perspective, they would see where they need to improve. To make it in any business you need to understand some basics that will take you and your business very far.

If you incorporate these basic truths into your business you will see a substantial difference in your bottom line. 1. People buy from those the LIKE and TRUST! When people are looking to join a business or buy a product, they are usually researching online through forums and search engines. They are trying to find as much info on the business and the person that introduced them to the business as possible. They are looking to see if there is anything BAD out there on you.

2. People who are serious and interested want to read and get as much info as possible. This is done in order for them to SELL THEMSELVES and maybe loved ones on why they need to buy.

The fact of all sales is that people buy emotionally and then defend it logically. They are looking for the logic! They will find themselves reading and surfing for hours, only to be more confused then when they started. This is mostly caused by having too much information and way to much hype being thrown their way! Give them good solid info or content and that will always lead them back to you. 3. In order to assure that they will be successful, people need to understand what they will get from the business and what they will get from YOU, their sponsor.

They want to make sure that they will not get left behind once they join. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not. Basically, they joined someone who is clueless on running a business. This simply means that they probably succumbed to the hype from the ads and over promising websites without doing enough research and actually getting in touch with their sponsor. 4.

What people want most is to have the HELP and SUPPORT they need to guide them through this new business, especially when they are getting started. (This also goes to those selling products. One of their biggest concerns is that they will have the back end support when it is needed.Making a friend is a very high goal, which will make it easier to reach the success they are looking for. They are looking for a way to earn an income doing something that they usually have no clue about. Very scary stuff.

They want to feel comfortable knowing they will get the help they need from YOU. Now, what I have just revealed is extremely basic and you will notice that it is true if you look at anything that you have done in the past. This holds true for everyone and the more you can model your business with these truths, the better your business will do, period!.

For those looking for the personal interaction that is lacking in the internet world, Damian Benko is your guy. With success coaching and mentoring, he helps those learn and profit with an online business. Call him right now at 770-634-1491 or simple visit his website at

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