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A website directory is a place online where you can find websites separated in to categories and sub categories based on what the subject is on the website. The internet has become one of the biggest ways to promote and sell products for a business. While the most popular way to get your website out there was originally a search engine submission, the big player out there today is the submission of websites to website directories to build incoming links and qualified traffic. Website directories get a good amount of traffic and due to your webpage being listed in the directory this makes an increased chance of more people going to your site. The more directories you submit to, the better chance you have of exposing your site to a wider audience. There are thousands of different website directories on the internet.

The best way to promote your website is to find website directories that target the subject of your website. If your website is medically based, finding a medically based website directory to submit your website to would be much better than to submit your website to a directory full of categories having nothing to do with your website. This in turn would help boost traffic to your site since the search topic is already narrowed down.

Submitting your website to smaller respected website directories is just a few steps away from getting in to more mainstream website directories like Yahoo, MSN and Google. Indexing your site in to as many website directories as possible gets your website exposure to as much internet traffic as possible while at the same time increasing the way your site is ranked in these major search engines. Generally, the more incoming links a search engine follows to your website, the higher it will rank your site in it's results. When submitting your site to a website directory there are many different things that you should know before doing so: 1. Try not to submit your site to hundreds of website directories in a single day.

2. Make sure your directory submissions are done by hand. Many websites will ban your site if they are done through an automated service. 3. Keep track of which website directories you submit your website to. This is helpful so that you don't accidentally submit your webpage to the same website directory more than once.

This can also negatively effect whether your site is accepted or removed from a directory. 4. Make sure that when you submit your website to a website directory, you read the rules and or guidelines correctly so you can ensure a better and more productive experience. 5. Submit your website to the correct category that closely relates to your websites subject or it will not be accepted.

Website directories are a great way to quickly get traffic to your website and build incoming links. Using good judgment and patience, website directories could be a great way to get your business the publicity it deserves.

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