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Not Spamming Search Engines

There are several things, considered "spamming", that you can do to try to get your page listed higher on a search engine results page. Basically, you should never try to trick a search engine in any way, or you risk being blacklisted by them. Since the majority of your traffic will come from search engines the risk far outweighs the benefits in the long run. Below is a list of the more common things we recommend that you never do when trying to achieve better listings.

Do not:

  • Do anything to trick the search engines into listing your site better. If what you are doing is not listed as one of our search engine tips the search engines will likely view it as spam and penalize you.

  • List keywords anywhere except in your keywords meta tag. By "list" we mean something like -  keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, etc. There are very few legitimate reasons that a list of keywords would actually appear on a web page or within the page's HTML code and the search engines know this. While you may have a legitimate reason for doing this we would recommend avoiding it so that you do not risk being penalized by the search engines.

  • Use the same color text on your page as the page's background color. This has often been used to keyword stuff a web page. Search engines can detect this and view it as spam.

  • Use multiple instances of the same tag. For example, using more than one title tag. Search engines can detect this and view it as spam.

  • Submit identical pages. For example, do not duplicate a page of your site,  give the copies different file names, and submit each one. Search engines can detect this and view it as spam.

  • Submit the same page to any engine more than once within 24hrs.

  • Use any keywords in your keywords meta tag that do not directly relate to the content of your page.

How Long Does it Take to Get Listed?

Here's the length of time it currently takes to get listed at each of the major search engines once you have submitted your web page.


Up to 2 months


Up to 4 weeks


Up to 1 week


Up to 2 weeks


Up to 6 weeks

Northern Light

Up to 4 weeks


Up to 2 months


Up to 2 months


Up to 2 months


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