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So you are now looking at how to market that new website to get it known and flooded with traffic and the talk of the internet. You've done the PR route, and you've submitted links to various places on the internet. Now the free stuff is done, it's time to break out the money and prepare to pay out the you-know-what for advertising. It's a real shame there is no alternative . or is there? Hordes of people are discovering there is another way, almost grass roots-like, and the idea is catching on like wild-fire.

Articles. That's right, articles. Basically it works like this: You write up a really nice and definitely informative article (think of giving to receive later), and you give it to article directories.

You get a backlink from the directory now. Your article gets readers from search engines, and you now have people following your resource links to your website, and you are getting traffic. Laser-targetted traffic. The most ideal traffic there is.

But, that's not all. Websites and publishers can now pick up your article for free, if it's left the same with active links, etc. So now, your article with your backlinks are all over the internet. So now, you get that stream of traffic times hundreds. And it's free.

So let's look at all writing articles can do beyond the obvious. EXPERT Your opinions and information are all over the internet, making you an instant expert. People want to go with experts for obvious reasons. This is a huge bonus by itself that advertising cannot do. TRAFFIC Laser-targeted, and pre-disposed to listen to whatever you have to say or sell.

That is the absolute ideal visitor base, and as valuable as a golden egg. BACKLINKS You get backlinks from each and every place your article is put on. That is huge, and you can rack up several hundred backlinks a day easy. Backlinks are the holy grail of SEO and in making your website rank higher in search engines.

Writing articles and getting all the backlinks is a huge boost into getting your website into the spotlight. What I like to do is try to write at least 1 article a day and get it out to many many directories and websites. With the aging process, that article and backlinks continue to gain strength for weeks before become a bit old and not as valued at about 2 months in.

Keep writing articles and your page rank will rise, your visitor traffic will increase, and your website will grow and mature in strength. The things to keep in mind are these: 1. Make sure you are actually providing good and valuable information to your readers. This is not a sales ad, and you should not be trying to sell them on something. This is the time to freely give great information, and you will reap the rewards as new visitors/customers visit happy to see what else you have to say. 2.

Put your backlinks in the last resource paragraph. You want the readers to read all you have to say before they leave the site. 3. Make it interesting.

If the reader loses interest, they won't read what you have to say, and you will lose a lot of the effectiveness. 4. Use the spellchecker. Typos causes a loss of credibility, and something easy to avoid. So, writing articles is an easy as it appears.

Just get in mind the topic and points you'd like to cover, and sit down and write. The more you write, the more you gain.

Tony Kristovich is the owner of, an article directory where you can submit articles for massive exposure, and pick up great new content for free.

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