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Procrastination with Fear and Pain in Network Marketing and MLM

I propose that the experience of procrastination and related fear go hand in hand and produce psychological pain. We have all experienced this at some point in our careers either in our real job or network marketing and MLM lives. Fear! The gurus will tell us it is defined as False Expectations Appearing Real. Speaks for itself don't you think? Consciously we all know that in our lives experiences, when we face our fears they are not really as bad as we originally thought; thus, false expectations appearing real. Ok Craig.

What does this have to do with network marketing and MLM or even procrastination? Great question and I don't mind sharing my thoughts with you about this. Procrastination is the putting off of tasks that we don't really wish to do, are distasteful, and especially the things we are afraid of attempting. Cold calling or the calling of leads would be a great example.

You know how that phone call involves picking up that 400lb. receiver, dialing a strange number, with the unknown on the other side? OMG! Do I really know what to say? Maybe no one will answer and I will have dodged that bullet. What if someone does answer and then I will need to actually talk to them? I know I only have two to four seconds to make a positive impression. How will I posture myself? Can I posture myself? What the heck does that really mean anyway? With all of this involved we just completely put off, procrastinate, making any phone calls for that night.

Now the pain sets in. We've just gone through all of this self emplaced anxiety and decided not to call anyone so we procrastinate for just one more day. Oh! How failing in our mission makes us feel once again. Working our home based business presents another defeat. My gosh! I'm never going to make this business work.

Maybe I'll just go read some more motivational books. Yea! That's the ticket! Then I won't have to think about this failure. Do you see the process here? Very simple but very devastating at the same time, right? To help our business grow we first have the idea of having to call leads. Fear sets in and all of those fearful thoughts run through our head.

At the same time the pain of the fear sets in and our imagination exaggerates the consequences, we start feeling the pain of anxiety and then we decide to just put it off for right now. We always tell ourselves we'll be better up for it tomorrow especially after reading more motivational books. Look at this! Who are we all fooling? We're fooling ourselves with this thinking. Is it now clear how ridiculous this is? Logically, we all know this is just another part of negative thinking; stinking thinking which then becomes attitudinal sclerosis.

Then we quit! Quitting is not an option! We have our aspirations, our dreams and visions are on the line here. We all know what strong financial potential network marketing and MLM have to offer. Like no other business model in the world.

We can better our situation and help others do the same! So what do we do Craig? Simple! This is where personal growth comes into play in this business. We have all heard your business will only grow as much as you do, right? It's true! Getting with your sponsor or upline to discuss the situation, and listen in on what they say, do three way calls. Take good notes; be very attentive to what is said and how it is said. To move leads closer to the line and collecting a positive decision when talking to leads, there is a reason for everything and this is the goal to move them closer. False expectations appearing real, fear.

Procrastination, putting off what we don't want to do and know we should do. All lead to feelings of failure, lower self esteem, feelings of not being worthy of our own goals and aspirations. Phooey! Com'on and get with it! To move forward and disregard these thoughts and feelings it is something that can and will be overcome by thos of us motivated enough. It is a temporary challenge or bump in the road.

The good news is that we can all get past this fear, procrastination, and anxiety that it brings. I think Nike has nailed it on the head. When faced with personal challenges, "just do it!".

Craig Mattice works from his home in Richmond, VA. He is totally disabled and works his home based business in network marketing with Vitamark International. His works have original quality content, humor, personality and are all personally written. To enjoy and learn more about the author visit his personal website.

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