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Overcoming Rejection In Your Network Marketing Business

Even if you are talking only to warm prospects for you network marketing business, you may get some "no's" once in a while when you ask if they are interested in starting a home business. Many people may quit after just one no and it's pretty understandable why. Rejection may be a deep seeded issue with some people so if they hear it later in life it stops them dead in their tracks.

Especially for those cold calling (which I don't advise) getting 20-30 no's a day in their prospecting efforts. Your first "no" seems to really hurt you, you may stop calling the rest of the night and just go do something else to avoid further rejection. It may stop you for a whole week until you start to realize how insignificant it really was. However some never do and hence they quit their business. One key thing I have learned over the years about "no's" is that they are usually just objections not rejections. Most of the time when people tell you no, it's because they aren't ready or they just need more information about your business.

The timing may not be right for them, or they may just be procrastinating. These are not the kind of people you are looking for to join your business anyways. The people that say "YES" and "I'm ready" are the ones you desire to work with. If you truly become the leader you know you are then these types of people will magically become attracted to you. When someone says no they aren't rejecting you in any sense.

They are rejecting the opportunity you have presented to them. Many people take that as a direct insult to them as a person. Think about it this way.

Have you ever been to a coffee shop? Well lets say you don't drink coffee, but everyone at your table does. If the waitress comes over to you and says, "Do you want coffee?" What are you going to tell her? No, of course, so you said no to the coffee and not to her. So think about your opportunity as the coffee that you're offering to someone else. If they say no then they are saying no to the opportunity of having some coffee not to the person offering it. I hope that makes sense to you because it will change your outlook on the "no's" you may receive.

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