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The experts agree that the only constant online business is that the rules will certainly change. However, experience does deliver wisdom. And small businesses are learning how to get past the common stumbling blocks. Profit shares some business tips for anybody about to plunge into e-commerce waters, whether they're simply planning to advertise on a search engine site, conducting transactions with suppliers or selling on the web.

  1. If you are advertising on the Internet, be sure your logo and message leave a lasting impression; the rule of thumb is that you're better to shout than to whisper to the fickle Internet user.
  2. Hire the right skills; technical knowledge is important but customer service skills are absolutely paramount.
  3. Expect some handling with your customers and suppliers; e-commerce is new and they may need help.
  4. Be transparent about your mistakes, and let your customers know that you're trying to remedy the situation.
  5. If you're considering selling on the Web, ensure you have a strong marketing plan that will reach the right audience. If it's business to business, be certain your electronic data exchange strategy works for your company.
  6. Stay on top of the competition; the Internet pipeline is so fast, it's mind-boggling.
  7. Have a privacy and security strategy in place; you can install software to help protect the privacy of your business and your clients. Be sure you understand the legal restrictions of the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.
  8. Align you e-commerce priorities with your business goals; if your business priority is extending your reach and capturing new customers, then your web site could support 24-hour, year-round shopping.
  9. Move quickly; waiting for the Internet technology to change will only give your competitions more time to gain momentum and win.
  10. Overbuild for traffic you don't expect; triple digit growth is not uncommon today.


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