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Not Sure If Your Online Advertisement is Working?
by Karen Fegarty

Not Sure If Your Online Advertisement is Working?
Be Sure! – Track Your Ads.

By Karen Fegarty

Without tracking, your online advertising is just a shot
in the dark. Many new and seasoned marketing
individuals spend significant dollars on banner
advertisements, ezline ads, and other online media
but do not know which ads have brought them the greatest

The following is a list of online advertising methods that
you may or may not be using. It is important to track all
of your online advertisement. This is the only way to
determine which method works best for you and where
you should spend your hard earned dollars.

· Site links
· Articles
· Ezine advertisement
· Banner ads
· Signatures Tag
· Forum postings
Email marketing promotions
· FFA postings
· Free Classified listings
· Paid Classified listings
· Surveys
· Auto responder
· Pay-per-click listing
· Reciprocal link

How do you track your advertising? There are basically
two ways of tracking your advertising; sign up for a service
or purchase ad tracking software to install on your server.:

A service such as ezTrackZ
will manage all aspects of your tracking on their servers.
This is a web-based tool that will allow you to quickly create
your tracking links and report your results in real-time.
Other examples of service based ad tracking are Hypertracker and goToast
Cost varies from $17 per month to $67 per year depending
on which service you choose.

You can also purchase software such as AdTrackZ
to manage your own tracking.
Software like AdTrackZ must be installed and managed
on your server and is available for a one-time cost.

Which ever method you choose, start now and stop
wasting valuable time and dollars on unsuccessful

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