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Now You Can Put Audio On A Website Without Paying Monthly Fees

Do you realise that if you know how to put audio on a website it can make your site much more personal. It can let you connect more with your visitors, and can substantially increase your sales. That sounded pretty good to me. After all, we can all use more sales. Right? So I set about trying to find out how to put audio on a website without it costing me a fortune.

After spending ages searching around the net, I quickly came to realise that this may not be as easy as it first appeared. Everything I found seemed to require me to be some kind of technical whiz-kid. All I wanted was to be able to record an audio and put it up on my site. Surely that wasn't to much to ask? It seemed like it! I'm certainly no techy, that's for sure. I earn a very comfortable living by creating and selling ebooks and I do that without having to be a technical genius. Therefore, I needed to find something that would be fairly idiot proof and would simply show me, in non-techy language, how to put audio on a website quickly and easily.

After a long and mind-numbing search and after having to plow through stuff that I just couldn't get my head around, I finally found a product that looked really good, easy to understand and would allow me to put audio on a website without much difficulty. Eureka! Right? Wrong. Or at least, half wrong. It turned out that whilst this product had everything I needed, it was not only quite expensive, but they also expected me to pay a monthly ongoing fee! By this time, I was fairly desperate to just get the job done, so I went ahead and purchased the product. Turns out it was push-button simple.

Very nice to use and I now knew how to put audio on a website whenever I needed to. The other thing that turned out to be better than I expected at first, was the fact that, the monthly fee's only got a bit uncomfortable on the pocket when a certain bandwidth had been exceeded. That cost started to kick in as this paricular website started to gain more and more traffic. I still use that service today on some of my sites, (mainly because i'm too lazy to change it and it's working very well). However, as things moved forward, I knew how to generate large amounts of traffic to my sites and that meant that the costs of having audio on those sites and paying a monthly fee, began to mount up. I needed to find another solution.

So the searching started again. How could I put audio on a website without having to pay these monthly fees? Another long and painful search ensued and then. I found it! The perfect solution.

Exactly what I wanted. Point. Click. Copy. Paste.

And Voila! There it is. A fully functional audio, complete with buttons, up there on my site and working like a dream! Connecting me with my visitors and increasing my conversions like wildfire. And the best part? It now takes just 60 seconds to get the job done! What's that? You'd also like to know how to put audio on a website in about 60 seconds? Well, check out my bio section below and you'll soon be connecting better with your customers and making more sales, easy as pie. Putting audio on your website is now super simple. And NO monthly fees either!.

If you'd Also Like To be Able To Put Audio On A Website In 60 Seconds... Go Here To Find Out How:-

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