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No No No Its Not About Selling Its about PREselling

People use the Net as a searching tool. They search for credible high-value information or solutions that can fulfill a wish that they hold dearly or solve a problem that they are experiencing. Surfers, for the most part, do not know who or what can provide this -- they just know that they want to find a trustworthy someone or something that can make it happen.

That's where you come in. You need to clearly show to your visitors that you understand their search for quality answers to their questions. and that you aim to provide exactly that. Your information is key to build trust and credibility.

In your visitors' eyes, you are a knowledgeable expert who cares! What happens then when a visitor arrives to your site and all that is there is just one big sales site? Put yourself in that visitor's shoes for a moment. She does not see inspiring, relevant, editorial content -- she sees a sales effort. But she was searching for content! Sorry but its game over for you.

Selling is trying to get the sale. But that's not your site's first priority. Its job is to satisfy your visitors' needs, and then lead them to what you

It's only at that point that "selling" enters the picture. Most people, as you can well imagine, resist sales efforts. So if your content is heavily pitching something, visitors will resist you rather than embrace you. Add to that resistance, as well, feelings of frustration and annoyance because she didn't find what she was looking for.

She wanted information not a sales pitch! So having said this pure selling does not work. PREselling, on the other hand, warms up your visitor with high-value information. This gives earns you trust and credibility. Your information fulfills a wish and/or provides a much sought-after solution for him or her.

As a result of this positive/beneficial experience, the visitor begins to like and respect you. Great content encourages your visitor to think about you as a "friend" making a recommendation, rather than a stranger making a sales pitch. And if you create a truly great content that earns you trust and credibility; you'll actually become an expert to your visitors because you are sharing your wealth of information. Effective PREselling creates an open-to-buy frame of mind in your visitor and gets the click through to your income-generating source.

It's this "openness" to find out more about you and your business that produces higher Conversion Rates and generates more income for you.

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