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Network Marketing MLM Squirrels all work with Nuts

I know this sounds a bit strange to your right now, but you will soon see the message in the madness. Ever "really" wached squirrels in your back yard and what they do day to day? It's actually very interesting. Squirrels seem to have a genetically innate sense of what to do in life. They get up early in the morning and until dusk they are out foraging for nuts. Very much like all of us in Network Marketing and MLM.

Those of us in this business are also looking for the best "nut" available to us. Oh! You say. But squirrels don't have to deal with rejection like we do. To that I say ah ha! But they do experience rejection. How many times have you noticed the squirrels in your back yeard foraging for nuts, digging their multiple holes? They are of the positive mental attitude that they will always find a nut in just the next hole. Watching the squirrels you will see them dig their little holes, stick their fuzzy little nose in the ground and come up with.

nothing! What do they do? The same thing we do when prospecting. They disregard the outcome and move on, optimistically; to the next hole they will dig. OK Craig! That brings up the question about rejection after talking with a prospect? Well I'll tell you.

Many times the squirrel will actually find a nut in the ground, probably buried by themselves earlier or by another squirrel. They dig up a new found nut, sniff it excitedly a few times, start to chew on it and all of a sudden realize.this nut is no good anymore. Blah! Been in the ground too long! Now that is real rejection from the squirrel's point of view. Wow! All of the hard work sniffing around, digging holes, and chewing on who knows what, and for what, a smelly rotten no good nut.

Bummer! Our experience in Network Marketing and MLM is not that different than the experience of the squirrel. Always searching, prospecting in our many ways, only to talk to a promising prospect/lead and they won't answer our next phone call or email. They just disappear into the "Prospect Protection Program." How many holes does a squirrel have to dig to find a "good" nut? I don't know. I do know they don't whine; give up, go back to their home and lay down to quite.

They just keep on going, day in and day out, constantly looking for that "good" nut. Our outlook should be as positive and optimistic as the squirrels in your own yard. Day in and day out we should prospect and talk to leads.

Examine each as and unique individual and determine if they are a "good" nut or "bad" nut. And keep taking positive forward action. As with the squirrels, we will even need to place nuts and prospects back on the follow through list as they're not ready for what we are looking for in a "good nut." So the next time you're prospecting or calling leads, think of your neighborhood squirrel and don't quite.

Craig Mattice is totally disable working his Vitamark International network marketing business from his home office in Richmond, VA USA. His works have quality content, personality, humor, and are all personally written.

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