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MLM Training Surefire Ways to Have Prospects Calling You First

If you're tired of cold calling and buying leads then you need pay very close attention to this article. From my experience, you'll build your MLM business 10X faster and 100X easier when you have interested prospects calling you first for more information. Unfortunately most of us are taught that we have to HUNT our prospects down. And if you ever had the pleasure of cold calling and buying leads you know how most prospects respond to being chased down like zebra on the discovery channel ? usually with a big fat "NO","Don't call me again", "Take me off your list", or all of the above. So here are 3 surefire ways to have prospects calling you first and hunting you down for a change.

1. Promote yourself first ? This may sound odd, especially if this is the first time you're exposed to this information. But you NEED to promote yourself first before your MLM Business.

Why? ? Well first off, there are a gazillion people out there promoting the same opportunity you are, how are you gonna separate yourself from the rest of the MLM crowd? So when you promote yourself, let your prospect know you're a real person who "genuinely" wants to help them. It doesn't matter if you've had a ton of success or not, most people are looking for someone who will help them get to where they want to go and support them along the way. Also let your prospects know what can YOU offer them. Do you have any skills that they could use to build their business? Are you good with Adwords, do you know how to prospect, how about getting people to try your product? Whatever skills you can teach them let your prospect know, no matter how small it may seem. 2. Give them the facts ? Tell them about your business without the "hype".

The more you try to "hype" people into your MLM business the more "quality" people you're going to lose. Think about it? ? If you ran an ad saying "Make $10,000 a month, automated system does work for you", you'll find that the only people you're going to attract are lazy, indecisive tire kickers looking to get something for nothing (ex. Those looking to make10K without doing any work). So the more "straight up" you are with your prospects, the more quality people you'll attract. People who actually understand that there are costs involved, and work that needs to be done in order to reach their financial goals.

Plus the more straight forward you are, the more your prospects will trust you, and respect you for not trying to insult their intelligence and simply giving them the FACTS they were looking for. 3. Offer an incentive ? In marketing, you can't leave anything to chance. You have to tell your prospect what to do and entice them to do it. Let them see the benefit of picking up the phone and calling you by offering them an incentive. This incentive can be ANYTHING, it can be special report you mail to them, it can be an ebook that they can download if they simply pick up the phone and call you.

It can even be a chance to talk to you so they can find out how you made $2,000 last month working 5 hours a week. Whatever the incentive is, just make sure it's something that will help them on their "business quest". Don't offer them an ebook on how to make a killing on ebay, when you want them to contact you about your business.

Offer them something like a free report on "10 things you need to know before you choose a home business", that'll get a way better response. The best part is, all of these steps can be accomplished on a simple website. Most network marketers use websites to promote their MLM business just like everyone else and wonder why they're struggling, but now you know how to use a simple website to have prospects calling you first. So if you're tired of cold calling and buying leads just follow these 3 steps and you'll instantly attract more prospects to your MLM business and have them actually hunt YOU down for a change instead of the other way around.

This article has been written by Richard Knight. Richard teaches Network Marketers, and MLM Distributors how to attract more "qualified" prospects, add new reps and paying customers to their business without cold calling, buying leads or going to family and friends - Enroll in his FREE 7-day course today. . .

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