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I bought Michael Rasmussen's latest MiniSite Profits Exposed and would like to write a review about this product. I have been making money through marketing my services online for around 5 years now and I have recently got interested in expanding my income streams by climbing aboard the niche marketing train. A friend of mine sent me a link to Michael Rasmussen's Mini Site Profits Exposed website. I will get to the point, I will be taking my friend out to dinner! This is what I come across in Mini Site Profits Exposed. A set of free! Yes that's right free videos which take you by the hand and show you step by step how to create an income from a mini website.

It leaves no stone unturned and you will be an expert when you have watched them all. Within a day you could be uploading your first mini site for less than a hundred bucks. There is a free membership area to Mini Site Profits Exposed ; you can view the free videos here. There are 12 in all that add up to around an hour's viewing. I just want you to keep in mind that these videos are NOT Camtasia tutorial type video with screenshots.

Rather, they are PowerPoint slides, explaining the entire MiniSite concept starting out with the basics and then gradually moving on ot more advanced concepts. I will leave it to you to go and view this product, no need for me to list the videos here as its free. So make sure you take advantage of Michael's generous offer, and go watch these incredible videos right now, while they're still available. It doesn't end there as there are also some deluxe videos available in the paid members area. These cover more advanced methods you may or may not have heard of before.

There are four in all and below I will give you a brief outline of each one. Deluxe Video One This video covers follow up messages that don't go over board on hype. You need to create three to five messages, explaining benefits the product delivers, just like an ecourse. Benefits are a recurring theme throughout and I have taken this point on board myself to implement in my future projects. Customer feedback such as testimonials and FAQ's can be included in the series.

email five needs to include an endorsement from a well know Internet guru in that particular niche. Deluxe Video Two This video covers several strategies on capturing subscribers for example, opt in forms, tell a friend, blogging, forum posting and pop unders and over's. All great information which I have found very useful. Its all about getting subscribers on your list, they don't need to buy, they are then there to mail to for follow up and further promotions. Deluxe Video Three This video is all about marketing, how to send traffic to your mini sites.

This section gives you more ideas on how to send traffic to your mini site (more traffic = more profits remember). Michael covers things such as article marketing, forum marketing and viral marketing. If you are not using these methods then you are definately missing out! I believe this video alone is worth the paid member's price. Deluxe Video Four The final video and as you would imagine the most advanced. Michael talks about split testing, increasing conversions, the up sell AND the fairly new concept of "the one time offer".

There is also a section that talks about what to have on your download page and how to effectively promote within the product itself. Get a grip of this one and you are definitely racking it up a level, this is great stuff that is proven to work time and time again. Extra bonuses include several private label products which you can turn around and sell yourself, graphic packages, web page templates.

I could go on, put it this way it took me a while to download them *smile* In conclusion As we all know making money online is becoming more and more difficult. Almost daily the stakes are being raised. Michael Rasmussen is a seasoned internet marketer and is being asked to demonstrate his value by bringing a high quality product such as Mini Site Profits Exposed to the market at such a reasonable price. He is Johnny over deliver in the free members area with 12 quality PowerPoint presentations. Put together like a pro. The paid member's area which adds four more videos and includes bonus stuff like templates, graphics will enable newbie and intermediate Internet Marketers to have the necessary tools to start their own online business using mini sites.

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