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Methods to register expired domain and become its legal owner

Once you find out a good expired domain name after searching through a big catalogue of expired domains, the next obvious step is to register expired domain as per the existing rules and regulations stipulated by registering authorities. Following are few steps that registrars suggest you follow to register expired domain name: People who wish to register expired domain should know all the legal and regulatory clauses and laws. When you know the nitty-gritty of working with an expired domain, you will be on a safer side, with a clean expired domain name in your hand. Several laws and legislations govern all aspects of expired domain name registration; most of these legal strictures are very rigid and one needs to follow them letter by letter. To register expired domain name: a) Firstly, you will need to develop a list of potential expired domain names by surfing through the catalogue of names offered by the expired domain sellers.

b) Once you search through the list, you will need to segregate the available names based on their extension. There are a number of domains to choose from, ranging from .com, .biz to .

org and .info. c) By chance, when you find an immediately available domain name, you may need to rush and register immediately. If you have enough funds, you can even buy and register the closest possible substitutes. If you find a name that is similar to yours or if there is a hyphened version, then you may consider register them as well, just to protect your rights and virtual presence. d) If there is a domain name owned by a previous owner, you may wish to know the history and track record of that expired domain name.

If the site is surrounded with a considerable amount of inbound traffic, there will be a huge rush for the domain due to its commercial importance. Such domains will have some tell-tale symbols prominently displayed on the home page of the site. A good expired domain will be listed on top of the list and it may carry a steep price tag. Once you feel that you have a good expired domain name in your kitty, you can start initiating the process of registering the expired domain in question. Register expired domain as early as possible to prevent someone registering for it; right now, there is a fierce competition for available expired domain names and a good name may fetch considerable fortune. Register expired domain to create an invaluable asset and a future goldmine.

Registration of an expired domain will have to carry out in a stipulated period mentioned by the registrar. Once you become successful in registering your expired domain with the registrar who sold it to you, the next important thing is to protect all trademarks and logos associated with the domain. People register expire domain for a period of two years or more and keep it for their own use. On the other hand, others may register for a period of just one year and sell it off for a big profit within one year.

John Khu is an author and also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is the owner of the path breaking web site called which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.

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