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Mark Joyner

While searching for, and reading, reviews On Mark Joyner I found two that I found to be Of help in deciding whether or not to risk Investing money in his programs. The first had this to say about Mark Joyner And his programs. "Mark Joyner is one of the best internet marketers on the planet. His phenomenal growth over the last few years is a testament to just how excellent he is. As a teacher he has a lot to offer. Many of the new cutting edge marketing techniques that are used today, were perfected by, or invented by him.

As with any expert, this information does not come cheap, be prepared to pay handsomely for what he will teach you. He will come at you to buy his programs, systems, and products, if you are not careful this can be very expensive." The other one I found of interest said this about Mark Joyner and his programs. "Mark Joyner, one of the Internets premier Internet marketers, has decided to quit and make available most of the e-books and source code that made him rich. His 20 CD package includes the code that cost Him millions of dollars in development fees and all His e-books, with resale rights.

It also includes Revealing interviews that he did with other leading marketers Mark Joyners "Farewell Package" includes some great e-books that you can resell, the likes of Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript, How I Became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller, in 48 Hours and Online Casino Cash Cows. It also comes with source code to a start page network system (currently generating over $80,000 a month), a viral marketing system, affiliate marketing tools, a membership site management system, customer service tools, MLM management software plus loads of PC based programs. Whilst this program does seem well organized, programmers have reported one or two missing files from some of the source code. Fortunately, all purchasers of the farewell package get access to a users group where any such problems are dealt with and missing files can be downloaded.

" After reading just the two reviews above I think I Can safely say you are not going to get rich quick With Mark Joyners programs as it does take quite a bit Of time and effort to show the large returns talked about. Another thing to remember is the programs are not cheap, so be prepared to spend quite a bit of Money before making any back.

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