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If you own a website, like all the other webmasters out there, you probably have one thing on the top of your list and that is make sure that your website ranks well on the Google organic listings for the keywords or the phrases of keywords which are most relevant to the products or services that you are selling. Putting your website on the first page of the Google search results is actually not impossible, so long as you are able to choose the best and most appropriate keywords for the SEO or search engine optimization plan you have in mind. Here are a couple of useful tips in making SEO work for Google. 1. The first would be to make sure that the right keywords are chosen. Choosing good keywords are the first factors which would be determining your Google page rank success.

Also, never make the mistake of making use of one-word keywords like travel or toys. This is because: first, it would be impossible to rank well with one-word keywords, as it would be way too competitive; second, using such generic keywords might generate just general and not targeted traffic, so someone who searched for travel might just be looking for travel statistics and might not actually be looking for travel packages like what you are selling on your website (for example). 2. Another would be to ensure a good optimization of your website. This is yet another basic principle of the successful SEO case studies conducted.

Make sure that you are able to strategically place keyword in areas like meta tags, title tags, alt tags, header tags and of course, in your content. Additionally, through getting a domain name that is keyword targeted, securing a place in the first page of Google would be a step closer. 3. You would also need to make sure that all of the content you put into your website would be original and of good quality. Remember that Google dislikes content which is not original and also, penalize duplicate content. Even if you do all the other SEO methods in your website, if the content you put on it would not be original, your website would not be ranking high.

And so, it would definitely be worth your time and effort to produce content which would be unique and original. Another way would be to make sure that you are able to update your website as regularly as possible with fresh content. 4. The fourth one would be generating a lot of backlinks. Google also considers the amount of links that point back to your website.

If you have more, it would be an indication that your website is popular and important. However, you would need to make sure that the links that point back to your website would be relevant to what you actually have or what you are offering on your website. To achieve successful search engine optimization for your website, being relevant plays a big role. You can do this by creating articles and then submitting them to article directories as well as through submitting your website to the website directories online.

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