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What does making a differnece in others lives mean? I think, it is constantly making an effort to be kind and considerate to the people whome we meet in our every day life. In the first place, I think "Listening to Others" is a wonderful act of kindness. I tell you, for most of us, it is not easy.

Do I take time to listen? Earlier I had this bad habit of interrupting the conversation and try to budge myself in with my side of opinions and arguments. Sometimes I was bored with the conversation and shifted my gaze towards others not knowing that I am insulting the other person. Once when somebody else did the same to me, not listening but trying to greet somebody else when I was still talking, I thought it was an utterly a disrespect to me. This incident changed my attitude and I started practising listening and tried improving my listening skills.

I learnt that the skill of listening is to focus your total attention to the other person when he/she is talking. Even if we are not able to help them in their issues, simple listening by leaning forward and totally absorbing to what is said gives respect to the other person and lightens their burden. How did you feel when somebody listened to you making full eye contact and absorbed in listening to the words that flowed out of your mouth. Didn't that act of listening lift your burden at that moment and made you feel free knowing that there is somebody for you? People flock to listen to great speakers. But there are people who are rarely listened to because they are suffering and want to share their feelings with someone they could trust or someone willing to spend time for them. They usually tend to repeat but doesn't matter.

We are doing an act of kindness by listening to them. Secondly, Am I sensitive to others needs? Probably not because I have my own issues to deal with, trying hard to make both ends meet, trying all possible ways to meet the growing family needs, earning hard to pay off the mortgage with rising interest rates etc. Truly, the world will become a better place to live if we are sensitive to what they may need to alleviate the stress and life's burdens they are facing. Is this beyond my capability? Why should I do this when I have so many things to sort out for my family and myself? "Do to others as you would have them do to you". If you had gone through the same path of pain, then you may be able to assist the other person in a more effective way than others. So why not share and make a difference in the other person's life? I wanted to break free from the financial struggle to pursue my goals and dreams.

I thought an online home business/ internet marketing business would be suitable given my time, commitments and full time work. At the same time I was too sceptical to venture into any online home business. Either the words were too much hyped up without delivering the returns they promise or I was hesitant to associate myself to the product to be advertised or there was too much to be done on my own as in an affiliated marketing business which involved a small capital. I did a lot of homework and research and I found this "Wealthy Marketer" program to be phenomenal. Although it is a high end ticket, I will be honest if I would advise anybody interested in a home business to go for it because of the following reasons o Highly automated o Very good team support o $900 per sale from your first sale o Life time residual income o No monthly costs o Product is fantastic- Easy to read and follow for a successful affiliate marketing plus you have learnt something cool and interesting in internet marketing which is sustainable and useful in long term online business I have started my journey and I am motivated by my team to pursue in affiliate marketing and I expect fantastic results. I will come back in a month's time to give an update on my online marketing journey.

Sugi Stanley, Writer, Engineer and Business owner likes to share her experience with others to make decisions and achieve success in their lives.For more information visit

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