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On April 1st 2008 Ebay dropped the hatchet on many of those who are selling digital products on their network. While this news devastated some, this is actually good news for legit sellers. This puts the sellers of the 1 penny e-books down for the count. In the past this was a way to greatly manipulate your feedback as well as boost ACRU fees almost devilishly. With that said, the change will actually bring back respectability to Ebay's digital products section. As a seller of digital products myself the news at first was scary.

However a warmth overcame me shortly as I realized this was actually a very good thing. It seemed far to often with Ebay, that people were selling useless, rehashed and often unfinished low quality products within. Many times these e-books were marketed for a penny and used to build up one's email list and add extra increases to their feedback score. Most of these type of e-books offered little to no value to the reader whatsoever. Ebay realized the problem and had been working for a while now to put an end to this. Throughout April they expect to clean up their inventory greatly, by removing such gimmicks.

This opened up two options for anyone selling digital products on their network. The options were either to adapt or leave a rich cash harvesting empire behind. Even though Ebay now offers the classified ad feature where you may still place a digital product, most are not willing to go that route. The classified ad option does not allow one to collect feedback, nor are transaction actually done through Ebay. You must now add your own link or Paypal button to make the sale.

The other way to still sell an e-book or digital product on Ebay is to have a physical product created with it and offer the digital product on a CD or DVD instead. That option simply isn't in many marketers line of sight and may in fact, be to expensive. Time will tell how the classified ad or CD/DVD options fare on Ebay but one thing is for certain this will help clean up much of the manipulation of sales, email accounts and feedback scores. Just the other day I already noticed a decline in amount of e-books and digital products listed on Ebay. If someone was looking to sell digital products on Ebay now is probably the best time. Right after something changes is usually the best time to get in on what is bound to be a good thing.

Michael Brown
How to sell digital products on ebay.
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