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Today we're going to be going over 3 over-the-top tactics that help convert more visitors into paying customers than almost any other tactic around. 1. An Offer You CAN'T Refuse Yeah, this is an old "gangster" style trick.

Although you might not think so once I reveal the one word that describes it. What's the word? Guarantee. But, why did I say it was an old "gangster" style trick? Firstly, did you even bother reading the title? ;-) Second, let's look at it logically here.

I'd wager you've seen at least ONE gangster type movie(I'm a movie fanatic, so just stick with me here, it will make perfect sense once I'm finished explaining.) once in your life. These tough guys are running things for a reason. They don't take NO for an answer. It's their way or you're "swimmin' with the fishes" my friend. Now, obviously offering a guarantee isn't the same as whacking someone, but it will most definitely make your offer much harder to refuse.

Your customer will feel more secure in the fact that you are shouldering most, if not all, of the risk by letting them get their money back if they are unsatisfied with your product. This little dirty trick not only helps you convert more sales, but it also builds credibility in the eyes of your potential customers because you believe in what you are trying to sell them by taking a loss if they don't. I also highly recommend this dirty little trick to anyone and everyone who is selling anything online. 2. Getting All "Hyped" Up This is a super dirty trick. And admitted "hypers" or not, I can almost guarantee you'll find this type of language slipped in to most sales pages.

Now, some Internet Marketers may try and mask this trick by putting a different name on it, but it's the same thing. Now, some marketers will simply say that they have unbreakable confidence in their products, and there's no "hype" in that. Really? I beg to differ.

Not that there's anything at all wrong with having that type of confidence in your product, but let's call a duck a duck and not a chicken, shall we? Some more common "hyper" words you may have seen, or be using yourself are: Incredible Amazing Unbeatable Unbelievable Controversial Secret Hidden Easy Fast And there are plenty of others lying in wait to pounce on you. But these are more of the commonly used hype words. So, why do this dirty trick work so well? Because these words spark emotion within your potential customers.

And dragging out that emotional connection to your product can more often than not close the sale. A word of caution here though. Don't try and over-hype your product. That could end in you boiling in a pot of hot water in the form of a law suit.

And I'm sure you don't want to get scarred up with burns now do you? Use this dirty trick wisely and cautiously. Don't over do it and try your best to stay true to the reality of what your product can, and can't do when describing it with "hyped" up words. 3. "Trash" Talking Have you ever watched a television talk show or professional wrestling? Then you have seen this dirty trick already! But, here's how to apply it to your product or business to gain more "buzz". Find a product that is similar to yours and do some comparison on theirs to yours.

Find out what makes yours the better decision for your visitors and exploit the hell out of it! Another boss way to use this dirty little stinker is to raise your own stink about an experience in where one of your competitors has burned you with one of their products that you personally bought. Work in the angle that this painful event is the reason that made you decide to create your own version of this specific product, but you made it better than this other author's version. Don't be afraid to talk some trash about a person or product to highlight the benefits of your own to get the sale.

Do be careful of "slander" issues though. You can hide the details of the specific author or product by calling them Mr. X, or Product Z. You don't necessarily have to bash your competition to smithereens to get your point across. Even though sometimes that is fun! Oh, are my devil horns showing? ;-) This dirty trick should also be used sparingly and in context to show your potential customers the benefits of purchasing your product over that of your competitors.

Jo Han Mok is a #1 bestselling author and frequent featured speaker at Internet Marketing bootcamps and conferences. Visit his website for a simple step-by-step plan to profit online in 21 days or less!

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