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When it comes to marketing your home based business you need to understand that people are very different. You can never assume that people are duplicatable. Everyone has a different way of synthesizing information. But can however duplicate systems. Many of the people joining the ranks of the home based business entrepreneurs are new to this industry and some have never had any real business building experience.

So in order for them to become successful they must have a system that is easy for them to follow and speaks to the average person. So just exactly what is that? What does a duplicatable system look like? And how do you show your prospects how they can become successful? A duplicatable system is an automated system that any new marketer can tap into and begin using right away. It must be a system that is easy and non threatening.

The 3 basics to an effective marketing system are: 1. The squeeze page, or also known as a lead capture page or landing page. These are all the same thing people refer to them differently. The object of a capture page is to ascertain your prospects personal information, like name, email and phone. To get this information you usually give something free in return, like a newsletter, training course or maybe an e-book. The page itself contains information that interests the prospect.

The page should entice them to want more hence giving up their personal information, but it should never tell the whole story. Internet marketers use this permission based opt-in list to follow up with emails on this and future offers. 2. Email follow-ups using an autoresponder.

This is the holy grail of marketing. Once you have captured someone's personal information using your opt-in squeeze page, this gives you permission to send them information. The object here is not to slam your list with business opportunity after business opportunity, rather to build a relationship with them.

Once you have developed a rapport you can then start the selling process. I use a 3 to 1. Every third email I offer 1 selling proposal. However you should never do this until your relationship is well established. 3.

The sales page. This is the page that immediately follows the squeeze page. Every good sales page has 4 components: identifies the pain of the prospect, agitates that pain by identifying with it, and presents the solution by offering benefits to your product and finally testimonials. There are many differing opinions on how long this should be, I say it should be as long as it takes to get your point across.

All successful product or service being sold on the internet today has all these components. If you want to create a successful business and a prospering downline use this duplicatable system and do not deviate from it. This is a proven system and will work for you every time.

Cindy is a full time internet marketing entrepreneur specializing in mentoring others to build a successful internet business. You can own your own business today that provides residual income for your future. To learn more about how you can secure your financial future... Go to: Visit our blog at for creating online business strategies.

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