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Learn How The Experts Create Profitable Information Products In Less Than A Day

Selling Info products online is a fantastic, proven way to make money, but where can you find these products in order to sell them? The best way by far is to create your own. Don't think this is possible? You will learn in this article how you can create your own, in demand, hot selling product in less than a day. The best thing is you will only have to write a few paragraphs yourself. Interested? I thought so, so lets get started.

Now it may sound too good to be true, but you can use other peoples hard work and effort to create products which are totally unique to you and which you can use as you, and you alone, see fit. This is the very same method that the best ebook publishers and marketers in the business use time and time again to create products in lightning quick time. Go to any of the online article directories such as because this is where we will find all the content we need for our info product.

Article directories are where web site owners submit articles in order to generate no cost publicity for their sites. You will see a link back to their web site with a little information about the site and themselves.They want people to use and market their articles and in turn drive traffic to their sites without it costing them a cent.

This is a perfect marketing method for entrepreneurs who are happy to give up their time now in order to profit at no cost for many years into the future. So, what you do at go or other article directory, is type your chosen niche into the search bar at the top right (make sure it's on "article content" rather than search by author).

Taking "Parrots" as an example. Simply type in the word "parrot" and you will be presented with tons of articles relating to parrots. Now all you do is go through the results finding at least seventy quality articles related to your chosen niche market and copy and paste them into whichever word processing application,such as word,you use I really have to stress at this point that you must make sure that you use only quality articles for your info product or ebook. Try to sell rubbish and your customers will soon let you know by demanding refunds at an alarming rate.

However don't worry because you can set yourself up for complete success by taking heed of this advice and getting the quality of your information product spot on from the word go. Email Article Authors Remember, articles are submitted for other people to use so that the author can drive visitors to their website without expense, but you don't want to breach any copyright laws.As a matter of courtesy email the author of each article and explain that you are creating an ebook around their niche market and want to include their article with a link back to their site and some information about them. This is an excellent time to ask if they have any other articles for you to use.

Most of the authors whom you contact will be more than happy for their article to be included in your ebook. Just discard articles from any authors who don't reply or who are not happy to let you use their article. Next you need to group the articles together in sub niches to form chapters or sections in your ebook.

For instance you could find articles explaining methods for teaching parrots to talk. Your imagination and the subject matter of your articles can provide the best guide to how best to set this up. You could create chapters aimed at solving certain problems people in your niche have. So for example going back to your parrots you would create a section on feeding problems or another on moulting.

Now you can compile a contents page using the titles of the articles as chapter headings. Now write your own short introductory paragraph and a conclusion. These only need to be a few paragraphs each. Tell people what they can expect to learn and make sure you sign off using your name. Instantly you will establish yourself as an expert. You can also link to your back end products at the end of the book to increase your sales.

The last step is to turn it into an ebook to sell. This can be done at no expense by simply downloading some no cost software from http://www.primopdf.

com/ Once downloaded, all you need to do in your word processing software is hit "file" and then "print" and then select "primo PDF" as your printer. There you go! You've just used other peoples efforts to create your very own ebook. Apart from having to wait a day or two for article authors to respond to your emails this technique will only take a matter of hours. you can repeatedly use this method to create ebooks or other information products in any niche over and over again. More than you could possibly sell. Isn't this an amazingly simple technique? I hope you can see the potential here.

It will cost you nothing to create products using other peoples hard work and you can sell hundreds if not thousands of copies and keep all the profits for yourself.

Paul Greaves specialises in publishing information aimed at helping people to start their own home based business. Now that you can create your very own best selling ebook in less than a day, learn how to market it by getting a no cost two hour video on niche info products at

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