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Joint Ventures The Ultimate Traffic Secret

For those marketers wanting more website traffic, and let's face it who wouldn't, the joint venture or JV sounds appealing. JVs do indeed work to bring traffic, but it's worth noting the difference between an affiliate and a joint venture partner. Many people who have not done a joint venture before think that it involves you striking a deal with someone that has a large customer base, them emailing those customers about your product, which brings loads of traffic to your website, and you splitting the sales figures. Wrong. That isn't how it works, and approaching potential partners with that kind of proposition will put people off as it shows you have not understood the concept. Many people just fire off a few emails to big names in the marketing industry, and then simply give up when they get the inevitable lack of response.

Some people may well mail their list about your product, and take commission from any sales, but that makes them an affiliate. Anyone can do this with your product if it is available via affiliate marketplaces like clickbank. They haven't actually done a deal with you, or acted jointly with you. Offering someone an increased commission just for them is a good way to increase your affiliate traffic and sales, yes, but that does not make it a joint venture either! It simply means you are using the sound technique of searching out so called 'super affiliates' who have big lists of prospects that may be interested in your product. So that's what affiliate selling is as opposed to a JV, so what does constitute a JV? A joint venture is when two or more people agree to be involved together on a project from start to finish. They may create the product together, they may divide the product creation and marketing, maybe someone has detailed knowledge about a narrow niche, and the other partner can generate traffic in that niche.

This is the real value of joint ventures, combining peoples' talents to create a project that benefits each member of the JV, plus of course the customers. The person with the knowledge gets to make money from that knowledge just by passing it on with others doing the leg work. The marketer get to tap into a profitable niche and make handsome sales. The customer gets to learn new knowledge, which they happily pay for Now *that's* a joint venture! If you are looking at JVs, then you will probably either have to create a new product with your partner, or redo your existing one to make them fully involved.

Proposing a JV can be as simple as sending an email, but it should never be approached that simply. You need to research the potential partner, to understand why they would want to JV with you, so you can tailor your proposal to appeal to them. Not quite as easy as it may first seem, but not necessarily that hard either, a properly done JV can indeed bring a whole lot more website traffic for you.

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