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Internet Marketing The Only Two Things That Should Matter To You

Are you making any money on the internet yet? How do you feel about your life and your internet business? I am about to boil down internet marketing to 2 things and simplify everything for you from here on out! According to Waylon Jennings in his hit song Luckenbach, Texas the only two things in life that make it worth livin is guitars that tune and firm feelin women. Let me suggest that the only two things in your Internet marketing life that make it worth livin are quality website traffic and as many new subscribers to your mailing list as you can get everyday. Every week I get e-mails from people asking me how to make money online. They almost always allude to the fact that they have been working hard now for 2 or 3 months, and still have not made any money. What should they do? I will email them back and ask how many subscribers are they getting on their mailing list, and how many visitors are they getting to their website? Most of the time I never hear from them again! I suspect they are to embarrassed to tell me or they do not even know the answer.

The few that do email me back will say that they get a hundred visitors a day to their site and have 50 newsletter subscribers now after being in business for three months. If I can impress upon you one thing in this article it would be the worldwide web is a very big place. With a hundred visitors a day and only 50 people to follow up with you are not even blip on the Internet screen. The only way that you are going to make money with a business on the Internet is to get as much quality traffic as you possibly can, and capture names and email addresses for future follow-up. That is it. No matter how bad your website is you will still get new mailing list subscribers and make a few sales if you get enough traffic to it.

Period! This means you can promote a landing page and follow up with an autoresponder. It means you can promote your website. You should have a sign-up form on every page of it. It most certainly means you should have a blog with a sign up form on every page on it as well. The next time you are thinking about traffic, and mailing list subscribers, remember Waylon Jennings and his song Luckenbach, Texas. This should allow you to focus your efforts on the only two things that matter in your Internet marketing life, traffic and mailing list subscribers.

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