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Internet Marketing Lets Be Real About Getting Rich Quick

Internet Marketing is not an easy full time job. As a matter of fact I thought that I could start out doing it. I quickly found out that it was not a good place to begin. Unfortunately I could not take anymore crap at my former job. I quit and decided to make a go of it on the Internet. It is a big place.

I thought there was room for me here. Where do I start first? What is my first step? I do know this, my family needs to be fed. I have monthly bills that have to be paid.

I also have a few dollars set aside for this lean period. My goal is to eventually become an Internet Marketer. I must creeping before walking. Anything on the internet will do for now. I search for and find something that promises good dollars in my first thirty days.

I find an amount I can live with at one of those cool sites. I sign up. Thirty days later I am broke and wonder why. It is not totally my fault. Do you know what a newbie is? These big time companies prey on newbies like me. They seem as if they know all about my old lousy job.

So they promise me the moon. They know I am going to fork over twenty bucks a month in order to make a whole lot of fast cash. Sadly, it never happens. I become frustrated and clueless as to where to turn. Who is there to trust? I am at my wits end. You are not to be blamed totally for my predicament.

But you have to shoulder some of it. Who in this world but you can pay twenty dollars a month for a business and expect to make any kind of real money. Go and open a candy store on the corner. Monthly expenses for rent and inventory would be in the hundreds of dollars.

Why should it be any different online? No, you do not have to spend nearly as much money. Some investment is going to be required though. What is the answer to my dilemma? First, I must have a realistic outlook on what is possible.

In addition, I need to get an internet education. Hopefully, this site will provide me with some of that education. But the site cannot do it all. Why? Simply because there are too many variables in making a living online. Everyone brings different skills and interests to the table.

One person may be very technically adept while another cannot start up his computer. These people are not going to go in the same direction. The most important thing is to sit down and plan. You need to figure out how much you can afford to invest and what you can reasonably expect to get back from that investment. Where are your strengths? What do you like? What are your dislikes? There has to be something that you are naturally good at doing; everyone has a gift. What is it that you enjoy doing that will give you a head start? Doing Internet Marketing will not make you rich in a hurry; there are too many Internet Marketers out there.

The competition is tight. Find another entry point. Two ingredients that will take you a long way though are planning and determination. Over time, they will help you eventually achieve a decent monthly income.

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