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Attorneys who have been practicing law for many years on small firms are aware of the growth and development of the Internet is consistently changing not just the trading industry but the legal marketplace as well. While most of the small firms around the United States are heavily dependent on the referrals from other lawyers and previous legal-seeking clients, there are just few who have survived without any additional new clients. With the popularity of the Internet among people, the use of Yellow pages is not as effective as what it used to be during recent years. As a result, the use of Yellow pages is constantly declining while the use of Internet continues to climb. In fact, a research conducted by the Internet World Stats confirmed that nearly 70 percent of the American population uses Internet nowadays.

Moreover, a separate research study also confirmed that lawyer-related keywords are among the most-searched keywords from over 180 search engines during the last 12 months of 2005. Some of these highly-searched lawyer keywords were as follows: Personal injury lawyer(s) Criminal attorney(s) Bankruptcy attorney(s) Tax attorney(s) Accident lawyer(s) Divorce lawyer(s) Construction lawyer(s) Real estate attorney(s) Probate lawyer(s) Malpractice attorney(s) Patent lawyer(s) Trial attorney(s) Trademark attorney(s) Business attorney(s) Employment lawyer(s) Securities lawyer(s) There are several thousands of searches related to these layer terms are performed every month on over 180 search engines on the Internet. Moreover, some of these areas have an average of 100,000 searches performed every month.

That is how popular Internet is used in locating attorneys across the United States. It is good as saying that individuals who are looking for attorneys to represent them in various legal battles are searched from the Internet than the yellow pages and other existing resources. That is why there now exists the Internet marketing for attorneys. There are many Internet marketing firms that are encouraging attorneys of different expertise to join the Internet marketing industry and advertise their services on the Internet.

Many law firms nowadays have already plunged to the industry, getting steady to massive flow of targeted and qualified traffic from different search engines, particularly those major ones such as Yahoo and Google. This targeted and qualified web traffic will be translated to additional new clientele, boosting the revenues that Internet marketing attorneys earn every month. There are various ways of marketing law firm's website on the Internet.

They may use any of the flowing marketing methods: Search engine optimization (SEO) the pages of a certain law firm's website are optimized by reorganizing the web page content and infusing highly searched lawyer terms on the Internet. This will provide higher visibility during search engine page results related to legal matters. Pay per click (PPC) advertising just like an ordinary Internet marketer, attorneys can also enroll their sites on PPC advertising, allowing online advertisements posted to their sites. They will be able to earn additional income once a site visitor clicks on any of those online ads.

Legal directories it works just like the conventional yellow pages wherein a client can find the law firm's site based on the geographical location and area of expertise. Websites are categorized under such groupings. Legal blog marketing, writing blogs is one of the effective ways of getting targeted traffic to websites. Attorneys can write blogs about the cases they have handled as well as provide initial yet useful information about legal matters that are commonly disputed in lower or even in higher courts. They will provide some hyperlink back to their websites that will be clicked by the readers in case they want more information about the topic discussed in the legal blog. Email marketing, attorneys will keep a list of potential subscribers who are willing to receive regular newsletters in the form of emails from them.

It is one of the effective ways of building new clientele base. Multiple domain names, more sites, much better. However, other sites must also be registered on its own domain name that will affirm the credibility and reputation of the website owners as law professionals. Internet marketing for attorneys is the latest trend for those law professionals who are still looking for additional new clientele. Why stick to the Yellow pages if Internet is far more effective?.

Jeremiah Patton is a online author and professional internet marketer. For more internet marketing advice visit

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