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To make sure you get the results you are looking for from your Internet marketing email promotion and that your subscribers do the same, you need a goal for each list you have created. Take some time to think through what your goals are for your email marketing list. To help out ask yourself these questions: 1. What information would you want as a subscriber to your list? 2. What information will you deliver to your subscribers? 3. What do you want subscribers to do after reading your email? 4.

What do you want subscribers to learn about you through your email series? It will help you build a better relationship with your subscribers if you have a detailed description of what you are trying to accomplish with your Internet Marketing email list. In this way you can better determine the content and offers, over time, that will help you accomplish your desired goals. Your Auto responder System is Your Automatic Money Machine. If you're just getting started with or new to the idea of a Internet Marketing email promotion, you might not realize that it is not something that you can manage on your own. The email broadcast you will be doing will have to be in sequential order.

This means that as a person optins to your list they start with the first Internet Marketing email promotion welcome message on day 0 (the day they subscribed). They will then get the first email marketing message on day 1 after they subscribed, then day 4, and so on. Even though your Outlook email program or your Yahoo email account allows you to develop mailing lists that you can communicate with the click of a button, this is not a good option. Trying to send out a sequence of Internet Marketing email promotions over a long period of time using outlook would be so time consuming that it would be practically impossible. Imagine for a second that you have wrote 10 promotional emails that you plan to send out three days apart. You get your first optin at 3 am and send out their day 0 email.

Throughout the day you get 19 more and send them the day 0 email. Now on day 2 the same thing happens and you have to send out your day 1 and day 0 email also. On day three you send out day 1 for day 2 subscribers and day 0 for new optins. On day four it happens again. Great you are building a list.

Today you have to send out message 2 to your first day 0 group and day 1 to your second and day 0 to new optins. On day five and six you repeat the same thing as day four with the second message. On day 7 you have to send out email 3 to the first day 0 group, then email 2 to the fourth day group, email 1 to the second day group and continue to send day 0 email to all your new subscribers. You also have to keep all your subscribers a day apart for the email sequence to work as you set it up.

If you think this is starting to sound confusing try writing it without notes to keep up with who, what, and specially when. Can you see how hard this would be to keep up with? Not only the confusion this would cause for you but another reason is that email servers have filters that detect when a user is sending email out to a large number of people and that alone can get your email address flagged as a spam source. Unfair but true. You can familiarize yourself with US Spam laws here: http://www. When you read up on the rules, you realize that you are safer when you utilize a marketing system that allows subscribers to opt in and out easily and tracks how and where they subscribed. Another big reason to choose an auto responder over running a list on your own is that you can easily schedule mailings with an auto responder.

You can also set up sequential email messages for e Courses. It's "set it and forget it" easy! It is also very cheap as compared to the time and headache it will save you. That beats the hell out of doing your email marketing by hand, any time and any day.

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