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If you are an internet entrepreneur looking to increase online traffic to your website then in this article I'm going to discuss 6 ways to accomplish this. They are all simple methods that are free to implement and require little or no specialised knowledge, meaning that you can get started today with a little bit of time and see results swiftly. 1) Blog Commenting Locate blogs of a related topic to your website using Google's Blog Search tool, Technorati or IceRocket and add useful, on-topic comments to posts that you find that are of interest to you. In experiments, I have regularly found a single comment on a high-traffic blog to produce 5 or so visitors per day, so 100 comments strewn across a range of blogs could lead to several thousand new visitors to your site each month. 2) Forum Signatures Use Google once again to search for forums in your niche by simply typing in the broad keywords associated with your niche followed by the word forum (such as "cat forum"). Once you have found a number, register for them and spend time there to offer information and advice to users.

Make your answers genuinely useful so they add value rather than spamming forums with pointless posts and add a link to your website in your signature file if the forum allows it. 3) Yahoo Answers Whilst Yahoo is the best known "question and answer" website there are a number of others out there. In Yahoo answers, users can ask questions on any topic they like. You, equally, can search for unanswered questions based on keywords and try to answer them yourself, linking back to yourself once again in your signature file. 4) Classified Ads Sites like USFreeAds, Craigslist and GumTree all allow you to post free classified ads to their sites. Find the right site area and place an advert for your website ensuring you use your main keywords to attract the right sort of visitors.

If you have a small amount of money to spare, consider trying Ebay's own classified ad service which offers you a powerful interface to create colorful, attractive ads plus loads and loads of potential customers. 5) Testimonials Another great trick to increase online traffic is to email people whose website or product you particularly like with a testimonial about how great you thought their ebook was or the content on their website is. Tell them they can post that comment on their website to increase sales if they like - so long as they include a link to your website. The beauty here, of course, is that all sorts of websites will be sending them traffic - pay per click advertising, affiliates, search engines and more - and there's your link front and center on their page. 6) Submit Articles As a last suggestion in this article on how to increase online traffic, consider writing articles specifically to give away to other websites or blogs.

If they get enough visitors, let them use it exclusively in exchange for linking back to your site. If they receive less traffic, you're well within your rights to offer the same article to a number of sites to try and get the best results possible from your efforts.

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