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If you want to Attract Record Labels, Newspapers, Magazines, Publicity and Press, Brand New Fans, Radio and Television Stations,Venues, Performance Locations, A & R Scouts, Booking Agents and All Important Music Executives you need to take a pro active approach. With todays online opportunities you have the very same strategies the major labels use for todays music superstars available to you. Run Your Promotion Campaign Consistently What Makes a Good Promotion a Great Promotion Campaign? It's Simple - Consistency! That Is the Key Defining Difference.

If You Want To Be Sure Your Music Gets Attention, Stands Out, and Gets Maximum Exposure To Your MySpace Fanbase.You need to make sure that anyone that comes to your MySpace Page see that you are getting people listening to your music This shows the music executives and fans that you are popular and that your music stands out to thousands of fans EVERYDAY! Again consistency is key. Do I need lots of friends to get myspace plays? No. Friends are your fan base on MySpace, and it is very important to have REAL targeted friends/fans otherwise the friends are useless. The most important statistic looked at first, is the plays and this is how you will get on the charts and attract more fans. How many plays should I get in a day? You can get up to 20,000 and more, but it's not a very good strategy.

Gradual increases are best, not exceeding 5000 -20,000 plays a day will help you get better positioning and allow you to remain longer on the Myspace Charts. Again consistency is the key. Don't let fans come to your page and see 20, 30, or 50, plays! People like to be a part of something big and don't want to miss out. When they see a high song play count and see that your song plays are increasing, they will be more likely to click and listen to your music and become friends and fans. How long will I stay on the MySpace charts? New artists are promoting their music every day and it is competitive. To keep your chart position or to continue climbing you must get plays regularly.

MySpace updates their charts every day. If another artist outperforms you in plays and regularly promotes thru TuneBoom Pro, then you will lose your chart position. It is worth repeating - Consistency is Key! We also highly recommend that you take a screenshot of the charts so you can use for promotion purposes for magazines, news stories, radio promotion etc. You know have the resources to use the same promotional strategies as todays top current artist. If you want to succeed, you can take a lead role in getting your band, artist or music noticed!.

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