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How To Write Persuasive Orgasmic Online Sales Copy

Why does people's online sales copy sucks? Well, if you've spent some time looking for information products, or just looking for anything to purchase online in the past, you've most probably experienced this before: You arrived at the sales page, then first read its headline. "Ugh, yeah it doesn't really relate to me. But well it doesn't matter. since I'm in a hurry to discover a solution to my problems now. I'll give it another chance and look down to see if I find what I want.

" After scanning down the page a few seconds, you feel frustrated. Disjointed, perhaps. Yeah sure, he's offering a product I want, but—somehow you couldn't trust him from how he sounds. there's something off in there. After looking around for a few more seconds, you decided to leave and clicked on the close button.

LOST PROSPECT. Now if you're a business owner, copywriter or marketer online and you want to make things right, it's not too late yet. Here's why: Time after time, people write from the "ME" mentality. And when they do write from their own "ME" point-of-view, sometimes they emphasize benefits or features that doesn't even resonate deeply with the desires of their prospects. To solve this problem, I've changed my approach in the past.

You see, you may feel excited when you read a sales copy you've written on your own. But that's because it appeals to your desires. However, it's like a fish and fisherman concept. The best fisherman acclaimed in Montauk Point (New York)—Captain John Rade was renowned for using a ROD to catch bigger fishes more than 10 fishermen at the same time, COMBINED. But how in the world does this even seem logical, or possible? When asked about his secret by a newspaper reporter, he answered: "Well guess I think like a FISH, not a fisherman." It's a metaphor of course, but the most important lesson I've got out of it is—you have to understand what your prospects really want, deep inside.

When you know that, splash all the words and inspirations out on paper and fill it with a HUMAN tone. It should be CONVERSATIONAL, instead of a one way thing. When I first understood this concept, I didn't fully put it into work. Yeah sure I did try, but because my sales copy still sound bad after putting this concept to work—I stopped. There's only ONE advice for you if you experience this: KEEP WRITING this way.

Because. as I continue this practice—magic started to happen. The process started out slow. I'd begin writing convincing points from prospects' point of view.

then, it just continues to SNOWBALL from there and before I know it—persuasive words and ideas just seem to FLOW out of my mind to paper, FAST. And, you should experience how smooth MONEY comes in with each sales piece I've written from then, too. If anything—go and begin IMPROVING your sales copy now. Not tomorrow, not later today, now. I want you to read down the sales page as though you're a real prospect, and if you find any word, sentences or paragraphs that DOESN'T somehow influence your buying decision at the end—SLASH IT or EDIT IT. Write what your prospects really want.

Even the sub-communications involved in their minds. Write from their point of view, as the FISH, not the fisherman. Do this practice enough, and your mind will reshape its thought-patterns to let you write some of the most staggering, heart-stopping and orgasmic online sales copy people have ever read.

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A former college dropout, Dan Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to a multi-millionaire. Dan came to North America with little knowledge of the English language and few contacts. If you're ready to take your online business to the next level, go to:

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